Handy Sites and Sources for New Blog Content

My first post here on Hot Blog Tips was titled, “Tried and True Tips for New Blog Content.” While I still use those same tips for coming up with new blog content, I’ve found a few new ways and thought I would share those as well. If I save at least one fellow blogger from banging his head into the monitor or desk, I will have done a good job! [Read more…]

Working From Home? Are You Prepared For The Next Power Outage?

Last time I wrote on Hot Blog Tips, I wrote about considering a blogging partnership, which, so far is going amazingly well. I will write more about that on another day. But today I wanted to write about being a blogger and always being prepared for a disaster – from moving to power outages – both of which have affected me at different times.

Moving is going to be stressful in some way, no matter how much planning and organizing goes into it. I know this because I recently moved and despite all my organizing and scheduling, things got confusing and hectic real fast. Power and Internet loss for any reason can wreak havoc on your life and business if you don’t have a plan.

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Planning the Visual Components of Your Video (Video)

Show Notes – Video 00185

Original Air Date September 8, 2013

Most of us have made a mistake or two in our lives and we try to learn from those mistakes. Once we understand what we did wrong, some of us like to share those mistakes with others. The video below is one of our Hot Blog Tips Hangouts on Air that we do each Sunday. In this particular HoA, I show some slides and talk about a few of the mistakes I have made when it comes to using images, speaker position and text on videos. I made these mistakes because I didn’t plan out my video very well. Hopefully, this video will give you a few tips, so you don’t screw up what I have.

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Psychological Influence of Social Media Marketing

Most people focus on writing great content.  They focus on research and evaluation of their blog posts.  They focus on perfection to the maximum because not only are their readers looking for great content, but so is Google.  Which one is more important?  Most people will tell you that the reader is the most important thing in blogging and secretly build links like a mad man behind the scenes.  We can all tell those people. [Read more…]

Cameras for Video – Finding The Right Video Equipment

image - Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 video cameraIn this post, I am going to show you a few examples of cameras I have and use for making videos. Keep in mind that I am not rich, I do not have an endless bank account and that I have “upgraded” only when necessary and I have saved enough to do so. [Read more…]