Alternatives To The Broken Link Checker Plugin and Why You Need One

Last week I wrote about cleaning up our WordPress blogs and that post was graced with some awesome comments by our readers. A couple of those comments took this blogger to school and I want to share what I learned about the Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin.

The Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin ain’t all that! Tweet: The Broken Link Checker Plugin WordPress Plugin ain't all that! via @HotBlogTips

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YouTube’s Audio Library – Free to Use Music for Videos

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Many of us have a really hard time finding music for our YouTube Videos that will not end up getting us into copyright He11.

Thankfully, YouTube has started an audio library with music we can freely use on any YouTube video and even on our Youtube monetized videos. They offer a variety of genres including, but not limited to, Punk, Jazz, County, Rock and even Holiday music!

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Kristi Hines on Blogging, Social Media Promotion, and More (Video Interview)

I’d like to thank Kristi Hines for hanging out with the Hot Blog Tips Hangout Crew last Sunday. I’d also like to thank Mitch Mitchell for putting the interview together for use. Kristi talked blogging, social media, promotion and much more with Sheryl Loch, Mitch and myself in an informal chat. [Read more…]

Domain Registration Tips From Experience

Just about every serious blogger needs to register a domain at some point. In this post we’ll go over several domain registration tips, including choosing your domain, covering all of the bases and using a top level domain. We’ll get into keywords, branding, plural vs singular, difficult spellings and hyphens.

I have registered a couple hundred domains over the years, for various reasons, and have made just about every mistake in the book. I’d like to help you make the best decisions when registering your domains and avoid the mistakes I’ve had the pleasure to learn from.

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The Ultimate Blog Post Outline – Free Download

We all need structure, right? Structure not only helps us streamline things, it also helps us feel comfortable doing certain tasks. Blog posts are no different, in my opinion, so I thought I’d share what I consider the perfect post structure by giving you the blog post outline I use. This is my ideal outline but may not be yours so customize it in any way you desire. [Read more…]