Blog Post Content Planning – Infographic

I have something special for you today; a 2 Minute Reference Sheet for Blog Post Content Planning in the form of an infographic. I hope it’s special anyway; I spent 12 hours creating a 2 minute reference sheet. lol

Below the sharable infographic, you’ll find a HTML version loaded with resource links.

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Infographic: Blogging By-Product

My first infographic! Whatsha think? I could go on about what the image means to me but I’d rather hear your thoughts, opinions and ideas. So I’m going to just shut up and open the floor to you…
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Bloggers Are Cross Promotion Experts

Many Internet Marketers could take a few lessons from bloggers. Many bloggers begin cross promoting before they even know what cross promotion is. It’€™s simply a natural result of the expansive networking bloggers use everyday. [Read more…]