Fireside Chat on Blogging With Mitch Mitchell – Almost ;)

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of discussing blogging with Mitch Mitchell . It was a nice change of pace to just have a casual discussion about something I’m so passionate about without the pressures of teaching and actual content creation. Even though the overall point in the video wasn’t to provide “blogging content”, I believe a ton of value came from the talk and I thought it fitting to share it with you. This is about as close to a fireside chat that I’ve come. [Read more…]

Kristi Hines on Blogging, Social Media Promotion, and More (Video Interview)

I’d like to thank Kristi Hines for hanging out with the Hot Blog Tips Hangout Crew last Sunday. I’d also like to thank Mitch Mitchell for putting the interview together for use. Kristi talked blogging, social media, promotion and much more with Sheryl Loch, Mitch and myself in an informal chat. [Read more…]

2013 Predictions By Popular Bloggers And Marketers

Update – Post Archived
I apologize but this post is no longer relevant and/or out of date. It is kept online for archival reasons and may or may not be updated one day. I invite you to our Home Page for the most recent and best articles we offer. Thank you, Brian

2013 PredictionsHave you ever wondered what other popular bloggers are preparing for? As we close out another year and look forward to 2013, I thought it would be nice to get a few predictions for the next year from famous bloggers and marketers. I set out to ask several of my blogging buddies to send me their predictions so I could share them with you. I’m touched by the fantastic response and would like to thank all nine of them. [Read more…]

Blogging Advice From Expert Blogger Mitch Mitchell (Interview)

Mitch Mitchell Offers Some Blogging Advice

image - Mitch MitchellMitch Mitchell, of I’m Just Sharing, is a very well respected businessman, consultant and a very experienced blogger. Mitch was kind enough to allow this interview and offer some blogging advice for our readers. I am sure many bloggers will benefit from his advice and replies. Thank you Mitch, let’€™s get started.

Q :I know that writing content comes easy to you so I will go in the other direction. What blogging advice can you give bloggers on holding the reader’€™s interest and determining what types of content, in general, should be edited out and what should be included? [Read more…]

Blogging Success Tips From Extreme John

image - Extreme John

Today I had the honor of interviewing a blogging buddy that goes way back. This guy is simply amazing. He’s always juggling 19 dozen things at once and still knows how to have fun. I’m talking about Extreme John from This is one blogger that has a wealth of information to share. I encourage you to subscribe to his RSS feed and get his eBook – How to Succeed with Social Media today. I’ve already started reading it and I’m very impressed. [Read more…]