Optimizing Your High Value Content For Leads And Profit

This article shows you how to take your most popular blog content and get the most from your effort. We’ll look at the difference between search and referral traffic and how to take both of those traffic resources to the next level. Finally, we’ll look at some monetization strategies from your most valuable blog content. [Read more…]

Have You Seen This Amazon Associate Linking Tool Page?

In this post I’m going to highlight a single Amazon Associate “Link Building Tools” page that really simplifies generating referral links to any page on Amazon.com using our Associate ID. This page is run by and hosted on Amazon Associates themselves, so not third-party promotions in this post. 😉

The Amazon Associate Program (Amazon.com referral/affiliate program) can be a valuable secondary monetization strategy for bloggers. I say secondary because most of us won’t get the traffic and volume required to generate a significant (full time) income from a single blog BUT we can earn a profit each month by linking to Amazon products.

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E-Commerce and Digital Download Solutions For Bloggers

We’re proud to talk E-Commerce with Yvonne Heimann in a Google HOA (Hangout on Air). The live conversation aired Sunday, March 30th, 2014 with Yvonne Heimann, Sheryl Loch and myself. We addressed e-commerce solutions and the benefit of offering digital downloads. Is blogging for profit a concern for you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Be sure to watch the video (embedded below) for the complete conversation. [Read more…]

A Dozen Reasons To Blog Other Than Directly Making Money

For years the number one question I get from people about blogging is, “How do you make money from blogs“? We get this from everyone from experienced blogger to the local merchant that learns you are a blogger. It’s a fair question, I guess, but it’s also a little short sighted. Let me explain….

For the most part, the vast majority of bloggers will never earn a significant and sustainable income directly from their blogs. At least not from their blog alone. What? Did he just say that out loud? Yes I did, and as tough as that might be to hear, it’s the truth. But that’s okay; there are MANY other reasons to blog. A lot of those reasons may earn income from the indirect results of your blog. [Read more…]

AdSense Blogging Is Alive And Well

Here we go, this is how an old school blogger starts, “Well, back in the day…” lol. A few years ago I got pretty excited about keyword research and how easy it was to manipulate Google and the other search engines. I know this sounds strange and a little arrogant but it was what it was and Google has cleaned house since the days of AdSense blogging and I was one of those swept under the rug. [Read more…]