Going Beyond PayPal – Accepting Credit Cards On Your Blog

Purse with Credit CardsThe last time I wrote on Hot Blog Tips, I wrote about, Tried and True Tips for Blog Content.€ Since that time, my blogging has morphed into an area that is new to me, but I’ve accepted the challenge.

When I first started out online I sold private label pet products. I lasted about a year before I became overwhelmed with customer complaints and questions. The stress of dealing with customers was zapping my creativity in other ways. As such, I started learning everything I could about affiliate marketing. However, just recently my mom asked me to help her create a blog to sell her own products. This is great, although, I, personally shudder at the thought. [Read more…]

When Should I Monetize My Blog To Maximize Blog Earnings?

The question “how should I monetize my blog€ or how do I make money from my blog?”€ is one of the most commonly asked questions about make money blogging. And also one of the topics that have been written on the most in the industry and this post: When And How To Monetize A Blog on Hot Blog Tips is one of such articles; which was written to answer a direct question from Michael.

I read the post and thought it gave a nice general requirement of how to start and grow a blog before monetizing it. The post ended with:

The answer on, How do I make money blogging€ can only be addressed after, €œWhen should I start monetizing my blog?€ is answered.

But actually it’s the other way around. [Read more…]

Take Your Blogging Skills To Town For Profit -€“ Local Business

Can You Profit From Your Blogging Skills?

image - Graffiti - PAID!

Blogging is a very satisfying activity and can reward you in many different ways; finding new friends, voicing your opinion, help your business to customer communications, help you promote your business, and the list goes on and on. One reward that many bloggers crave is profit but truly monetizing a blog can be a tough task for most people. So what’s a blogger to do for money? Well, we’re here to help so read on… [Read more…]