Kindle Me Smart – Getting The Most From Kindle Books

This is a short guide to help get the most from book reading. I include a few helpful reading tips, several resources for finding free and inexpensive books to read, along with how and why reading is fundamental to our online business future. [Read more…]

Free Website Reviews by Real People – Delivered On Video

I’d like to introduce you to a free online resource called Peek. Peek will review the usability of your website or blog, your website on mobile, or your mobile app. You simply enter your website URL, your name and email, and one of Peek’s reviewers will get to work on creating a short five-minute video review for you – absolutely free. [Read more…]

Note To Self – Because it works well as a Productivity Hack

So I’ve been listening to one of my favorite podcasters, Cliff Ravenscraft, talk about how he’s getting back into journaling. Truthfully, that was a foreign concept to me but, for whatever reason, I had in the back of my mind to find an easy app and give it a try. Hey, I’m an open-minded guy if there’s a chance it can help me get the job done, I’m game. [Read more…]

Review of Build A Blog Community by Adrienne Smith With Free Bonus

In this post I offer my honest review of Adrienne Smith’s “Build A Blog Community” online course. I also put together my own supplemental guide, the “Simple Guide To Building Influence“, which I offer as a free download. [Read more…]

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Free E-Book