Send Google Plus Posts To Other Social Networks With Friends+Me

Have you become hooked on Google Plus and have a tough time staying fully active on other social networks? Friends+Me is a cool app that will help you syndicate (repost) your public G+ posts to other networks to help you stay active across the board. This post takes a detailed look at Friends+Me and some of the ways to use it. [Read more…]

WP Optins – My Honest Review

Update – Post Archived
I apologize but this post is no longer relevant and/or out of date. It is kept online for archival reasons and may or may not be updated one day. I invite you to our Home Page for the most recent and best articles we offer. Thank you, Brian

What I use now:


LeadPages$ is THE most amazing list-building tool you can connect between your blog and your list management company. It’s so much more than “lead pages” and “opt-in forms“. I love the fact that I can offer as many “lead magnets” as I want without setting up a bunch of forms, lists, and thank you pages. I also believe the “2-step” opt-in process available is very powerful. I may do a tutorial in the future if the demand is there but do yourself a favor and check out LeadPages$.

WP Optins Pages
On the recommendation of Kimberly Castleberry, I’m reviewing a WordPress Plugin that easily allows bloggers to create sales and squeeze pages right on their blogs. WP Optins Plugin is a small but powerful plugin that is perfect for bloggers that don’t have the time or technical know-how/resources to create these important pages. [Read more…]

Reviewing Lap Desks By LapGear

Earlier this month Lap Desk by LapGear approached me with a product review request. I usually don’t accept review requests but after checking their website I was intrigued. Most requests I receive are digital products and has an entire range of very cool products; lap desks of every sort. Seriously, check the site out, they have everything! Oh, by the way, I am NOT using an affiliate link for this review but I did receive free product to review. [Read more…]