Year End Blog Post Ideas – Slideshare

Time flies and the new year will be on us faster than a cape-wearing man flying in tights. Now is the time to be preparing for your end of the year posts and this list article is here to help inspire your creative side. Below are ten simple end of the year blog post ideas for you to run with. [Read more…]

New Top Level Domains List – New gTLDs (Updated 02 Oct 2015)

List Updated 02 Oct 2015

Supplemental audio for your listening pleasure:

I couldn’t find a detailed list of new and future Generic Top Level Domains that I could easily scan so I decided to create one myself. I put together as many domains as I could find into a SlideShare presentation. I believe many bloggers and marketers will find this list helpful as you plan future sites, projects and marketing campaigns. Domains are relatively inexpensive so they make a nice alternative for Pretty Links setup for affiliate links and content we’ve created. I posted Branding Opportunities With The New Generic Top Level Domains last month if you’d like some ideas on getting the most from GTLDs. [Read more…]

6 Things Your Daddy Never Told You About WordPress Themes

Questions to ask yourself before buying that next premium theme

We all know and understand the value of a great looking blog and most of us understand the basic questions to ask a developer before buying our next premium WordPress theme.

This post and SlideShare (Embedded above) looks at six questions we should ask ourselves before hitting that “buy now” button. Be sure you have the answers to these six questions and you’ll have a better experience with fewer problems. [Read more…]

Use This Free Cartoon Creation Tool To Create Amazing SlideShares

Let me tall ya about it:

In exactly one week will be my two year anniversary with SlideShare. How many slide presentations have I made in those two years? Exactly two, up to now. SlideShare is a well known traffic generator with a very active community. So why don’t I have dozens of presentations uploaded? Truthfully, it was kind of a pain to create the two SlideShares I have now. I don’t care for stock images so I had to create images separately.  I rarely ever use PowerPoint so that’s a chore in itself. Then the editing, adding text, metadata… well, you get it. That was why I got so excited to find a cartoon creation tool that does a lot of the work for us. The program is super easy to use; I created ten slides in about half an hour. And I’m slow! [Read more…]

What is Hashtag Hijacking? Using Trending Hashtags For More Exposure

Don’t use trending #Hashtags to get in front of an irrelevant audience.
That is spam and never recommended.

Simply put, we see trending Hashtags across the various social media websites and that means those trending topics are hot as far as search and interaction for that moment. For example, last week we seen #Oscars trending on Twitter. This weekend #DaylightSavings and #SpringForward dominated Google Plus search topics. Next week, #StPatricksDay will undoubtedly top the hashtag trends, at least for late Sunday and hopefully Monday. [Read more…]