How Do I Get More Retweets? Twitter Tools We Use To Increase Re-Tweets

I’ve talked a lot in the past about why numbers do count when it comes to social proof and this post will focus on Twitter. Twitter has consistently been in the top five referral traffic sources for Hot Blog Tips and that’s something we want to continue. This post will show you the tools we use to get more blog post shares on Twitter.

I want to geek out on the tools we use to get more retweets rather than behavior and methods. I will stress the importance of being sociable, follow real people (Never buy followers), and stay active. I found this recent post by Heidi Cohen that does a fantastic job on increasing retweets using strategic methods. [Read more…]

Twitter Tip: Befriend, Don’t Just Follow

image - making friendsTwitter is the social media site I use the most. I love it. I love finding new articles from the people I follow. I love getting into chats with people about anything from blogging and social media, to making cups of tea or how much it’s raining in London.

It’s great meeting new people on Twitter. If you follow me, I’ll get an email saying that you are now following me on Twitter. I’ll then go and check out your Twitter profile, your recent tweets, and your blog.

Something I’d like to know is how people find me, whether they follow me on Twitter or they’re commenting on my blog. As I’d like to know this about the people who follow me, I’ve started telling the people I follow how I found them – unless they followed me first. [Read more…]

Twitter And How It Relates To The Google+ And Facebook Hype

Facebook and Google+ fightThere has been a lot of discussion about Google+ taking over Facebook and if Twitter is worth our time or not. Personally, I think the hype has just begun and, truthfully, it means nothing. I like the way Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe put it on a Performance Marketing Insider guest post titled Social Media Traffic Exposed. Ana reasons that it doesn’t matter what the future holds for G+ or Facebook, or Twitter for that matter, we have an opportunity right now to draw traffic from these social giants. [Read more…]