9 Suggestions When Using Green Screen With Videos

Greenscreen example before adding a backgroundHave you ever wanted to have a more exciting background for your videos, but just can’t get out and film at all those cool places? Maybe you would like your subject’s background to be more fitting for the topic at hand?

With the help of a green screen, you can transform yourself anywhere you want (or so it looks like you are somewhere). Ok, to do this you also have to have a few other things and we will go through them in this video and post. These are tips and suggestions. Every studio/house/location will need to be adjusted for; there is no exact measurements for where to place things. Just get your screen and play with it and soon you will understand how it works and what to look for when setting up. [Read more…]

How To Watch And Invite Others To A Google Hangout On Air (HOA)

Hangouts On Air (HOA) on Google Plus

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Yesterdays Live Hangout, embedded below, was about images and video for bloggers but Mitch Mitchell brought up an interesting question I thought I’d share here:

Where do we send viewers to see us live on YouTube?

It’s easy to see the confusion since the video can be viewed live, in real time (almost), on both Google+ and YouTube. It’s probably better to send viewers to the Google+ profile or page, like Google recommends, simplifying things. [Read more…]

Video Blogging Advice For Bloggers

image - play buttonYesterday’s weekly Hangout topic was about embedding videos on your blogs. Today I want to expand, not pontificate* lol (watch the video), on the subject and get your opinion. Mitch Mitchell ran the board and came up with several great questions for Sheryl Loch and myself so I’ll start with those and pontificate on each. lol

Q1: Have you integrated videos into your blog, and if so are they videos you’ve created, videos others have created or a mixture?

Obviously I have, as you can see, and as it turns out, all three of us do. The ability to embed video in our blogs makes for a great tool and many bloggers have been doing it for years. Have you embedded video in your blog posts yet? [Read more…]

Make Your Own Audio Tracks For Video

image - recording micMany of us that make videos have spent hours looking and listening for the right piece of music to use as an intro or background. Sometimes there just isn’t a music track that fits the images or setting of the video. Maybe we don’t want any music, but we need something to spice up that intro or background noise because we are not talking in the video. [Read more…]

Are You Using Music On Your Videos?

image - Music with your videosIf you are using music on your videos, or want to, there are two things you need to think about before publishing. Short of finding that perfect match, you need to know if you are allowed to use the music and the proper way to give the owner credit. Let me explain… [Read more…]