Your YouTube Subscriber Count May Drop

YouTube Cleans House

image - Faceless SubscribersThat’s right you may notice that your Youtube Subscribers count has suddenly dropped. If it has dropped yet, it may do so in the very near future.

Now before you start crying foul let’s look at the reasoning. [Read more…]

Why Bloggers Should Be Putting Videos on YouTube

Video Tips Series
Today’s video is going to give you some insight as to why I started doing videos and why I continue to do them. It’s plain and simple; videos have some benefits that plain text blog post don’t. This isn’t to say that you should totally stop writing and just sit in front of a camera all day. Lord knows I couldn’t do that; no one would want to hear all that would come out of my mouth. Writing is a great way to “edit” your thoughts before you share them. In fact, I suggest that you write out a script or at least your ideas before you start recording. [Read more…]

Video Tips For Bloggers Intro

Video Tips Series by Sheryl Loch & Brad West

image - Video Tips - thumbAre you a blogger who has started doing videos to help promote your site, but could use a little help in a few areas?

Maybe you would like to do videos, but you just are not sure if you can?

Maybe you know you could bang those puppies out, but just haven’t had the kick in the butt to do it?

Well, we are here to help (yes, we also give butt kickin)! We want to give tips that everyone can use. We are not going to get all James Cameron (the guy that made Avatar) on you. Nope these tips can be used by YOU! If you aren’t using videos to promote yourself, blog, or products yet…you soon will be! Hell, if I can do it – you can do it! [Read more…]