Why You Should Connect YouTube & Twitter

With the frustrations we often have when it comes to social sharing automation, at first glance it may not seem like the best idea to connect your YouTube account with your Twitter account. In this post (and video), Sheryl will explain why it just may be in your best interest to link the two accounts after all. [Read more…]

Video Wrap – Simple YouTube iFrame Hack For Better Mobile View

In this short post, I’ll go over the simple two-step process to correct the video sizing problem that many blogs face for iFrame embedded content such as YouTube videos when being viewed on mobile devices. This is a little technical and geeky but we’ll get your YouTube embedded videos working perfectly with just a few minute of effort.. [Read more…]

New And Improved YouTube Comment System

Google has made yet another improvement for YouTube and this one involves the broken commenting system. Now you can see your video comments right on YouTube in the left column when you’re in the “Video Manager” section. Hopefully this will move to the Channel page as well some day. Below you will find a tutorial as well as an entertaining conversation with the Hot blog Tips’ Hangout Crew (video). [Read more…]

YouTube’s Audio Library – Free to Use Music for Videos

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Show Notes

Many of us have a really hard time finding music for our YouTube Videos that will not end up getting us into copyright He11.

Thankfully, YouTube has started an audio library with music we can freely use on any YouTube video and even on our Youtube monetized videos. They offer a variety of genres including, but not limited to, Punk, Jazz, County, Rock and even Holiday music!

[Read more…]

Using Your YouTube Username on Google Plus

Original Air Date: October 20, 2013
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Show Notes

How to setup Google Plus so you can keep your YouTube channel username.

Sheryl Loch of the Hot Blog Tips Hangout Crew answers some common questions regarding the new integration of YouTube and G+ comments. Will this move by Google put a stop to anonymous comments on YouTube? Will the Google Plus comments stop the trolls? [Read more…]