YouTube Has Outshined Every Other Social Network In 2013

image - YouTube ShinesSo far 2013 has been the year that YouTube has stepped up to the plate. It is no longer just a place where people post videos of kittens being cute or your crazy Aunt Helen dancing on a table. Nope, YouTube has become a staple tool for every type of marketer. It’s a place where you will find big brands posting new product demonstrations all the way to the small blogger showing you how to use a tool. [Read more…]

Adding A YouTube Channel Trailer (Video)

image - YouTube Channel Trailer A YouTube Channel Trailer is an excellent way to grab the attention of new views that visit your channel. It’s like a commercial or preview for first time visitors. You set-up a short welcome video and YouTube magically shows it to new viewers that are not already subscribed to your videos. Setting up your channel trailer is a simple matter but there a couple of steps you need to be aware of first. Sheryl Loch takes you through these simple steps in this short how-to video in less than two minutes. [Read more…]

Learn How To Start a Google Hangout On Air (HOA) In Less Than Three Minutes [Video]

image - Start Hangout On AirIn response to viewer/reader requests, Sheryl Loch has put together a very short how-to video tutorial on How To Start A Hangout On Air. This is a step-by-step video that will take you from your Google Plus profile to setting up your Lower Third branding in the Hangout Toolbox, all in less than three minutes. [Read more…]

How To Get YouTube Annotations Back After Connecting Your Google Plus Page And YouTube Channel

YouTube Annotations URLHave you connected your Branded YouTube Channel to a Google Plus Page and now the Associated Website will not allow you to use an annotation to link out? Are you getting a message that says Please enter a valid URL? This is a little glitch that you will need to correct in order to get your annotation access back. The following is a step by step how-to guide to correct the problem. [Read more…]

10+ Ways To Use YouTube Annotations

10 Ways To Use YouTube AnnotationsYouTube annotations can really help get your viewers to take action or understand what you are saying. Use them to your advantage. Don’t go all willy-nilly and just garbage up your video with them. Think about your annotation call to actions!

Let’s look at “How and Why” to use annotations on your YouTube videos. [Read more…]