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How Do I Get More Retweets? Twitter Tools We Use To Increase Re-Tweets

I’ve talked a lot in the past about why numbers do count when it comes to social proof and this post will focus on Twitter. Twitter has consistently been in the top five referral traffic sources for Hot Blog Tips and that’s something we want to continue. This post will show you the tools we use to get more blog post shares on Twitter.

I want to geek out on the tools we use to get more retweets rather than behavior and methods. I will stress the importance of being sociable, follow real people (Never buy followers), and stay active. I found this recent post by Heidi Cohen that does a fantastic job on increasing retweets using strategic methods.

Understanding the true value of Twitter isn’t all that easy when tweets aren’t getting retweeted, replies to or favorited. Those are obvious, yet important, signals but we can gain traffic from a random tweet that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Unless we’re testing our social reach, we may not even know the power of a tweet.  Last month I showed how to use Pretty Link to track social media clicks. On that post I used the tweet below as an example of a simple tweet that didn’t get much attention at first glance but, in the end, sent over 50 people to our Facebook page. The link has just one retweet now but had zero interaction during the test.

Okay, so now that we see the power of tweeter, lets look at some tools we can use to increase re-tweets.


TriberrI’ve been a member of Triberr for a couple of years and I’m currently in 26 Tribes (share groups) with about a thousand Tribemates (members) with a combined reach of 26 million. Truthfully, those numbers aren’t anything to get too excited about but Triberr is a powerful tool and resource when applied with respect, interaction and a little common sense.

I think many people have the wrong idea about Triberr; it’s not setup where I retweet and share every member’s blog posts like it was automated with something like Twitterfeed; I decide what to share by approving posts before they are scheduled. Now that does require me to go in and manually approve each post everyday but I think that’s important so I’m not sending irrelevant content to my Twitter followers.

Blog Engage

RSS and Marketing ServicesI joined Blog Engage($) in August of 2009. I was just telling someone that I’m a terrible member and Brian Belfitt (owner and admin) should probably kick me out but he does an great job of keeping us going. I pay to have my feed automatically added to the network but, for this topic, I want to focus on two points; the people and Brian Belfitt. The members on Blog Engage are top shelf, and I mean that. You have folks like Justin Germino, Ileane Smith, Zac Johnson, Karen Woodham, and a bunch of other bloggers that I’ve called friends for years. The members make any group or organization and they are exactly why Blog Engage is so successful. Top that off with Brian Belfitt going the extra mile on a daily bases and you have a real winner. Every post I publish gets at least a dozen retweets right away, and even more over time, from Brian’s tweets and his follower’s retweets.

Facebook Groups

Facebook GroupsThere are Facebook groups for almost anything and exchanging social shares is no exception; there are a lot of them. I’m a member of two small Facebook groups that I’ve really grown to enjoy. I am glad I got to know the other members and have some fantastic relationships from it. This is the experience you want in a share group like this so it’s important to be very selective which groups you join and what niche the other members are in. You may not want to commit to sharing dating advice posts, for example, if your blog is based on finding mathematical equations for future time travel.

So here’s an example tweet from last Friday. This is true interaction from great friends I met in a Facebook group (The embedded tweet doesn’t show the replies):

Empire Avenue

Empire AvenueI’ve been playing around with Empire Avenue for about a year now (237.55e Baby!) and have yet to do mission but that’s exactly why I’m on there. Empire Avenue is a fun networking community were we invest in one another, building wealth like a social media stock market. The details are pretty detailed but when you have enough wealth (eaves), you can hold missions. In other words, you pay stockholders to do certain tasks for you. Common missions are Facebook likes, blog post shares and Twitter retweets.


By networking I mean actively interacting on the platform the way it was designed. Real interaction has to be the most important tool of all. All of the automation in the world might bring in huge numbers but without you, it will always mean nothing. Don’t forget Twitter, just like every other social site, is a two-way street. Posting tweets and moving on without interacting, expanding your reach, and retweeting the good stuff is little better than being a lousy bot.

The Hangout Crew – Tools That Get More Retweets

Your Twitter Tools? Thoughts?

What tools do you use to generate retweets? Anyone using Easy Retweet or Just Retweet? I have an account with each but do very little there. How about Twitterfeed, anyone else using this tool? I mention in the video how I use Twitterfeed. Are you finding Twitter a quality source of traffic? I’d love to take this further in the comments below; that’s what it’s all about.