Track Your Blog’€™s Niche With Google Alerts

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  1. Hi Brian!! So great to see you here again.
    I’m using Google alerts with an enhanced feature called YoLink. I get more information with the YoLink enhancement. One day I’ll do a post about it, in the meantime, I’ll tweet you a link to it. Don’t worry, it’s free 🙂

  2. Isabel Singh says

    Admin, Can i ask you how google alerts affect blogs?

  3. Google alerts is like an automated keyword research. I never thought that Google alert is very useful, I thought its just a email subscription that you will receive the latest news from Google.

  4. Jarrod Frenzel says

    I’ve been using Market Samurai to do keyword research and i never really knew about Google Alert not until now. Sounds like a great service to sign up with. Thanks for sharing Brian!

  5. Noel Addison says

    I’ve always loved Google Alerts. I started using it back when I had a sports blog. It is a good way to be on top of what’s happening in different sports I follow. My biggest beef about though is that if you don’t filter it, it could clutter your inbox pretty fast.

  6. You explained about Google Alerts very clearly. Really useful information for bloggers

  7. Isabel Singh says

    Hi Brian! I’m glad that you shared with me about tracking blogs niche. I already applied it on my work and it did well for me. I just want to thank you for guiding me out.

  8. I had used Google alerts before to keep me updated of the latest blogs that had been indexed by google, well usually commenting on these blogs could help your site in a way.

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