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How To Transfer Your Domains From GoDaddy To NameCheap

Transferring your registered domain isn’t all that hard and can save you money very quickly. There are a few steps you can take to simplify and streamline the domain transfer process and help speed things along without any problems. We’ll take you through the steps while I transfer my own domains to NameCheap$ from GoDaddy.
Domain Transfer Tutorial – GoDaddy to Namecheap  – Video

Create Your Namecheap Account

The first step, if you haven’t already done so, is to sign-up for an account with NameCheap$. This just takes seconds and you’ll be all set once you verify your email address.

Unlocking Your Domain

First, we need to “unlock” the domain/s we have with GoDaddy. This is a simple task and should take just minutes. Godaddy locks your domains by default to help guard against unauthorized transfers. You’ll need to log into your GoDaddy Domain Manager, click on the domain you want to transfer, then click “manage” next to “Lock” under the Domain settings. Turn off the lock so your transfer can go through.

domain unlocked

Request Your Authorization or EPP Code

Next, we need to request an “Authorization Code” from GoDaddy. Authorization Codes (also called EPP codes or transfer keys) are a safety feature that most large registries use to fight against unauthorized domain name transfers. You’ll need to request one from GoDaddy for each domain transfer request and it’s just a matter of clicking a link within your GoDaddy Domain Manager. Next we simply grab that Authorization (EPP) Code from our email and shoot over to NameCheap to start the domain transfer.

Authorization Code Emailed

Email Overload

These simple domain transfer steps will trigger several emails.

  1. First, you’ll get a “Domain Status Change Notification” from GoDaddy because you “Unlocked” the domain.
  2. Next, you’ll receive an “Information You Requested” email from GoDaddy and this will contain your Authorization (EPP) Code. For some reason, GoDaddy refers to it as “Authorization Info” in this email.
  3. Once you’ve initiated the domain transfer, you should receive a “ Order Summary” which will contain your receipt.
  4. Next, you’ll receive a “Domain Transfer Request” email from eNom, Inc. but the subject line may say it’s from NameCheap.  You’ll need to click the authorization link in this email for a speedy transfer. It will read something like,

    You must agree to enter into a new Registration Agreement with us.  You can review the full terms and conditions of the Agreement at [LINK].”

  5. Next, you’ll receive another email from GoDaddy “DOMAIN NAME TRANSFER – Confirmation of Registrar Transfer Request“, confirming your domain transfer request.
  6. Finally, once the transfer is finished, you’ll receive an email “Transfer Domain: Complete:” from NameCheap saying the domain transfer has been completed.
  7. Lastly, one final email from GoDaddy “Please review your cancellation” confirming your domain cancellation due to the transfer away from them as the domain registrar.

There You Have It

Now your domain or domains are registered with NameCheap. Personally, I think it’s a good move. I don’t want to go into a rant about why I no longer use GoDaddy, Powerpipe or eNom but I will say NameCheap has consistently been an reliable and inexpensive registrar and I’m seriously considering moving our dedicated server from Hostgator over to NameCheap.

A Pleasant Surprise

I transferred a total of  24 domains additional domains on 5 Feb 2014 during their Move Your Domain Day campaign from two different registrar and everything went smoothly without a hitch. That wasn’t the surprize, I didn’t expect any problems. The nice surprise came when I looked at the expiration dates in NameCheap once the transfers we complete. Since I registered each domain for just one year, I expected the domains to expire one year from 5th of February – in 2015. What I actually got was extended expiration dates that NameCheap honored because I had time left from the other registrars. I’m sure NameCheap doesn’t have to honor that extended time since it was paid to another company but I’m sure glad they did. Thank you NameCheap$, you guys are alright in my book. 😉

Where Do You Register Your Domains?

Do you use GoDaddy? Namecheap? Do you think it matters where you register your domains? Have you noticed a big price difference?

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  1. I’m using go daddy from the day I started my work in this field and i’m very happy with it but after reading your article I’m thinking to give a try to the namecheap. The video described the way to transfer the domain very precisely and I’m thinking about the transfer as you mentioned namecheap is very reliable.I’m hoping to have a great experience with it.

  2. First of all thanks a lot@Brian D. Hawkins for shaing this amazing article with us. My blogs is registered on godaddy and currently I’m trying to transfers it to some other host, becauase I’m not happy with the Godaddy services. this tutorial is very helpful for me.

  3. Thanks James, Although I’m not trying to dis GoDaddy. On a personal level there are a few issues I have a problem with when it comes to GoDaddy but it’s really a personal choice. I’m glad to be free of them for once and for all though. 😉

  4. My pleasure Vikas, I tried to cover every detail so no one has any surprises later.

  5. I also wanted to transfer to other Hosting from godaddy

  6. This tutorial is geared for Namecheap Shafique but the principal should work everywhere.

  7. Thanks for this useful post. I also wanted to transfer my domain from godaddy to namecheap and this post heas really helped me a lot.

  8. I’m glad to help Shubham.

  9. Just the perfect tutorial i was looking for. Thanks for sharing.

  10. LOL! Considering the vast number of people who want to transfer their domain from GoDaddy to NameCheap, this article should get a huge number of hits and deservedly so. Cheap does not equate with quality, which is why GoDaddy has such a high turn over rate.

  11. thank you for sharing, I have a domain at GoDaddy, but not thought to tansfer domain.

  12. In my opinion Godaddy is better than namecheap,but the people’s who thinks Namecheap is better than goaddy this article is for them.By the way nice writeup.

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