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Hot Blog Tips Hangout – Blogging Is In Our Blood

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Original Air Date Aug 25, 2013

We were very excided to have special guest Keith Bloemendaal of on this Hangout Video on how Blogging gets into our blood. Many of us, including myself (Brian) and Keith, have left blogging at one point or another, only to come back in an entirely different niche. It’s pretty common to see bloggers pop in and out of the scene and it makes for an interesting discussion. Mitch Mitchell and Sheryl Loch join in this short 10 minute video and we, as always, have a little fun. Check it out…

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Blogging Is In Our Blood

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Blogging Is In Our Blood

Show Participants:

Sheryl Loch
Mitch Mitchell
Brian D. Hawkins

Interaction – Things You Can Do Right Now…

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