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Video Blogging Advice For Bloggers

image - play buttonYesterday’s weekly Hangout topic was about embedding videos on your blogs. Today I want to expand, not pontificate* lol (watch the video), on the subject and get your opinion. Mitch Mitchell ran the board and came up with several great questions for Sheryl Loch and myself so I’ll start with those and pontificate on each. lol

Q1: Have you integrated videos into your blog, and if so are they videos you’ve created, videos others have created or a mixture?

Obviously I have, as you can see, and as it turns out, all three of us do. The ability to embed video in our blogs makes for a great tool and many bloggers have been doing it for years. Have you embedded video in your blog posts yet?

Q2: Would you be interested in visiting a blog that was only videos?

Now each of us had a slightly different answer to this question and I’d love to know your opinion. Video Blogs, or Vlogs, are becoming more and more popular; every since the .TV extension was launched several years ago (2006), I think.

I’d like to show a couple Vlogging (Vblogging) stars that I enjoy watching.

Do you have to have a blog to Vlog?

Natalie Tran is a video blogger on YouTube. I found a Tumblr blog and a couple of Blogspot blogs but I don’t even know if those are Natalie’s so I won’t list them here. As far as I know she’s doing it all on YouTube. Another vlogger I recently started watching is Lamarr Wilson

Q3: Is there a way you determine when you use videos on your blog?

I let myself get distracted with this one so hopefully I’ll do better here. I think videos add real value to a blog post and they don’t always have to be your own. Blogging about one of Google’s latest updates? Why create your own video when you can embed Matt Cutts explaining everything in detail with all his charm? Just ask yourself before you publish your posts:

  • Can a video help get my message across or will it just be a distraction“?
  • Can a video take my 2,500 word post down to 750 words“?
  • Will a video guide readers in the wrong direction“?

Q4: Where do you see videos and blogs integrating with each other long term, and will visitors support it?

We covered this pretty well in the video so I’ll leave it up to you by asking, “Is video the future of blogging“?

My Own Thoughts

Video blogging is a great tool but not everyone can pull it off. Like Sheryl said in the video, you have to be entertaining or at least have the talent to get your point across. There are far too many niches to mention where video serves much better than the written word eg. reviews, how-to tutorials, pranks, interviews and even news stories when footage is available. That doesn’t mean a simple video with just you chatting with your audiance won’t work on your blog; give it a try and see what happens.

My Advice

I’m just a blogger and Sheryl’€™s the video expert but that’€™s not going to stop me from pontificating even further. Lol One thing for sure, if you never try it you’ll never know the power of video blogging. My advice is try it and give it a chance.

  • There’s no need for a bunch of expensive equipment and software so don’t get too distracted with that. As you can see, a simple webcam and headset is all you need for Google Hangouts (HOA).
  • Personally, I think it’s better to add video to a blog post than to replace the content altogether. In other words, you should still write.
  • Be consistent and give it time. Nothing happens overnight so don’t get too discouraged with things like view count and initial shares and interaction.
  • Promote your video channel. I hear bloggers every now and then saying they won’t use YouTube because they don’t want to promote someone else’s website, especially a mega-site owned by Google. Don’t let silly hang-ups prevent you from becoming a success. If you use it, and you should, promote it.
  • Network with other vloggers in your niche or in related areas. Video is, or should be, social so team up with others. Bring in people from other social networks and cross promote like crazy.
  • Don’t let shyness or what you think you look like or sound like get in the way of vlogging. Most of us arn’t models or have a ‘broadcasting’voice but that doesn’t matter. You’d be better served with doing the required research on the topic you are discussing and work on getting your message across.
  • Finally, be an influencer. Don’t follow the leader, be original and confident. Treat video the same way you treat blogging and social media; everyone wants to follow a leader – be that leader.

Your Turn

I want to see your YouTube channel, or other video network page, if you are actively making videos. Feel free to include a link in your comment. How important is video for bloggers? Is the fast growth of mobile connectivity feel like a demand for video? Where does this leave podcasting, does video replace that? What are your thoughts?

*Pontificate: To pontificate is to talk in a dogmatic and pompous manner. To pontificate properly, you need to be a know-it-all with very strong opinions and the urge to share them.


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Blogging superhero by day and internet super villain by night. Blogger, future online millionaire and an all around great guy.


  1. Hi Sheryl,
    Although i haven’t tried making a video yet and not even tried to put an audio but i like the idea to make own audio rather than spending money on some service which you totally can’t have trust with.

    After watching the video i am thinking that was that lady really sitting for too long just too feed that Bunny.

  2. I’ve just started to use my own video’s for the blog. I haven’t done them too often but want to do more. I also just learned to make them from Powerpoint and I really like that format (familiar to me) I think you get to know the blogger a little better from watching them on video, their voices and gestures. I don’t like blogs that are just video’s – harder to watch when in company of others where reading is fine – especially on the smartphones.

    • A couple of great points Lisa, you can learn more about people you watch on video, bad news in my case. lol I don’t see a YouTube link on your website, care to share it?

      Another good point about video when others are around. The same is true for me even when at home. I’m usually in the living room while blogging and I have to be careful when I watch video, I don’t want to disrupt my wife’s Family Feud. lol

  3. I have no much idea about to add a video but i have seen in many post that video attract so much if is fully knowledgeable and has ability to convenience the readers completely.Images also express good rather then a theoretical post.

    • Hi Bhushan, images are another way to grab your readers attention, no doubt.

    • To respond to this one, you add video to your blog via embedding codes, which are offered up on both YouTube and Vimeo, usually listed as an option underneath the video. If you go that route you need to make sure you verify the width; most blogs won’t handle width more than 480 without bleeding into the rest of our blog.

  4. Great share , images and video are really necessary to grab more attraction to our Blog/Site , A small picture speaks thousand words than a long text , Nice write up Brian, Thanks for sharing.

  5. I like to use videos on my blog. I blog about web design and creating websites with WordPress. Most of my videos are screen captures. Using how to videos allow me to show people how to do things instead of telling them. I know sometimes I find it much easier to learn if you show me how to do something instead of just telling me how to do it. Here is the link to my Youtube channel:, please feel free to let me know what you think, and how I can improve upon my videos.

  6. Video blogging is quite trending the last few years and till now. I didn’t yet give myself a chance to do it, but I will in the next few days maybe. Its interesting somehow, and as far as I know having a video on your blog especially you created it yourself is something you can proud of.

  7. Videos are great if they teach, they can be great for short posts informing followers of what is coming in a few weeks but it seems in my opinion that a lot of people who have access to video recorders on their phones are filming every smart saying or quote they can think off and pass it off as useful content. It does worry me that the new trend in video is replacing quality content.

    • I here you SI, I see that on Facebook every time I log in. That’s okay though, quality content will remain as long as that’s what people want. Bad doesn’t replace good, it just feels like it sometimes.

  8. I had to get used to making videos. It is a little unnerving at first but you get use to it. I use other peoples videos in my blog posts as well as my own. After I made a few I just said screw it if my hair isn’t the way I want it! I even made a video in my pajamas yesterday LOL!

    Here is my Youtube video

    • Hi Charisse, That’s what we have to do because we’re our own worst critics. I hate my voice but there’s not a whole lot I can do about it so I push on. You have a new subscriber by the way. 🙂

  9. I have visited sites that have only pictures which are clicked by the bloggers and posted in the blogs with a little description about them below the picture. These pictures are interesting to analyze and comment on. Same way I would not mind watching only videos on sites if they are exciting as well.

  10. Great food for thought here. I have certainly jumped on the video \’brandwagon\’ as I do see it being a powerful tool for not only building my own brand, but also for curating the content for other people\’s brands. Case in point, I am at the tail end of my 30-day personal branding Vlogathon where every day in Sept. I featured a vlog from a different thought leader around the topic of personal branding. discovered that almost half of the folks who participated told me that this was the \’excuse\’ / \’opportunity\’ they were looking for to start vlogging. Now these are all very good bloggers but they have not ventured into video. I definitely see it not as an \’either/or\’ but rather an \’and/also\’. Video is a super way to market and brand but it should never replace the written posts in my mind. It is a great complement and I often recommend people to start small and work from there – maybe change 1 post a week to a video post. AND, get guests to vlog for you on your blog. You may have a pretty face but only seeing videos of you can eventually get boring.

    • That’s pretty cool Peter, it’s like your one VEDA but for September. You’re right, things like your Vlogathon are fun and get people involved and everyone that participates comes out ahead. You are doing a fantastic job with getting participation, you must be a great networker. Thank you for sharing that and I’m your newest subscriber. 🙂

  11. I’ve never tried video blogging out. I don’t particularly follow video blogs, but I do tend to play videos on blogs, if there are any. I don’t think video blogging will be the future of blogging. It’ll be a different stream altogether. As you stated, Brian, that not every blogger can pull off video blogging. The rest will continue with written blogs. This doesn’t make video bloggers superior than normal bloggers. It just makes them different, like we bloggers are.

    • Hi Miller, I think bloggers need to consider our audience (readership) and if we believe mobile is going to keep trending up then audio or video might be the answer.

      I also think technology will eventually take take care of the problem with things like faster connections and better apps. In fact, I’d love to find an Android app that will read blog posts to me much like the audio books available. It would be great to ‘listen’ to blog posts while I’m driving rather than the local radio stations.

  12. Making videos and uploading them has become easier than ever. A layman with a bit of internet knowledge can accomplish the task. The tricky part is presenting oneself. One needs to possess profound oratory skills, enough knowledge on the desired topic, and a bit of shooting sense. The rest is a piece of cake. Though sometimes I wonder, is video blogging that revolutionary as it’s portrayed nowadays?

    • Hi Jack, revolutionary… no, but it’s a great tool and Google is putting more and more weight into video. It is true though, like SI said (above comment), video is getting pretty diluted with very low quality recordings with no value at all.

  13. Video blogging is so much fun and also more informative than just written content because here you can watch and learn and not just plainly read. Infact, including a nice self made video or a video on the relevant topic attatched to the post can work wonders to attract more traffic.

  14. Wow Jemmy, all these comments and you are the first to bring up the ‘T’ word – traffic. Thanks for that. 🙂

  15. Hi, I’m new to blogging but havae realised that we need other ways to grab peoples’ attention these days, blogging is huge. Videos I think are easier to watch to digest information than having to read lines and lines of words.

  16. It is always important for video blogs to have high video and audio qualities. Even if your content is great, nothing drives viewers away faster than low quality video. Invest into quality recording equipment!

    • Nice tip Paul, I had a low volume issue in the beginning but an investment in a nice microphone took care of the problem. I also go with an external video camera rather than the low quality one built into my laptop.

  17. I don’t use video on my blog much, but when I do it’s generally someone elses video and I use it to demonstrate a point. I’m still a little shy to get in front of the camera myself, but I’m working on that 🙂

    The thing I hate about many vlogs is that their videos often drag on and on and become painful to watch. That’s when video loses their appeal.

    For a blog owner, a video adds an element of personality which your followers want to see, but it should also offer value, just like your content.

    When you start wasting people’s time with silliness, ramblings and just a lot of gab, that’s when video becomes a waste of time, don’t you think?

    Awesome post Brian,

    • I do agree Liz, yet our Hangout videos tend to go pretty long. lol Retention rate on video is pretty important and I can certainly testify that retention starts dropping drastically very early in the video. That’s one of the reasons we decided against even a short intro.

  18. Hi Brian,

    I am embarrassed to say, I do not use video yet!

    I know, I need to get with it!

    It is on my radar though – just have to get over that confidence hump!

    Thanks for sharing –

    Have a great day!


    • Hi Christine, You can always start by embedding relevant videos published by others or using the screen shot method. I’m sure you will get used to the idea of being on camera eventually. Good luck. 🙂

  19. Video blogging is definitely a great way to get yourself out there, with youtube and video being a huge market online, if done right you can see a massive increase in viewership to your website! Just imagine if you had one of those youtube channels that have 50,000+ Subscribers to them.

  20. Videos have really become important in the blogging and website world. I don’t use them quite as much as I should though. Having content and videos is the way to go. I like when a video is transcribed in the blog post. I would prefer to read it than see it. I’ve always said that one of the differences between men and women is that men would rather see the movie and women want to read the book. I’m sure that isn’t 100% true…but it is for me.

  21. Great article! I personally think the fact of filling your blog with videos is very entertaining an eye-catching. Hundreds of words of paragraphs can be put into a 5 minute video and that is really something. Video blogging is a stepping stone and should be learned by bloggers. Writing is interesting and so is recording, and so the two combined will make a great blog. Good job posting this!

  22. Brian I am not big on videos unless I am trying to make a significant point and it has to be professionally. Videos you recorded in your garage will not do.

    • I see what you’re saying Michael but, keep in mind, we have to look at what works for our readers and, in this case, our viewers; our own tastes aren’t always going to be the ideal fit for them. With that said, you’re right to insist on quality if that’s what you want representing you.

      I’ve seen some pretty cool garages though. lol I had the pleasure of visiting Kid Rock’s rehearsal studio and it was pretty professional. That one is in a warehouse but I understand he has one at home as well. I just thought I’d throw that out there to brag a little. 🙂 Nice point.

  23. Video blogging is the new trend. I would like to share one thing that should be kept in mind while creating a video for blogging. The music used as the background score should be attractive, happening and relevant to the video. This increases the efficiency of the video.

  24. Hi Brian!
    i have not yet used video and audio in my blog.but as you describe how the benefit this then i think it should use in my blog.i watchced your video really nice.i like it.

  25. I have just placed my first video on my blog, if you read all the hype on the internet Google ranks site on content, so having a mixture of pictures video and written word must make you site more SEO friendly. I dont believe just having a video is as good as the written word as sometimes I like to re-read parts of the blog to take the information in which i am reading. I would find a video more annoy to do this

  26. Video blogging can be great fun if we have a good team to generate new topics and work on new concepts. Then a perfect group to execute all these concepts correctly and deliver an attractive video that grabs the attention of large traffic.

  27. Hi Brian,

    I do use videos in my blog as I find them the easiest way of showing people how to carry out certain tasks. They’re my 1st choice for teaching and learning as we watch, pause and apply whatever we’re being taught and then move on to the next video or task.

    I’ve also held 2 video challenges to encourage others to start creating videos and adding them to their own blogs. Both of the challenges have gone well as I also invite experienced video creators to show off their skills, which in turn gives people an idea of what to create videos about.

    My YouTube channel is:

    It hasn’t had any added for a few months now as I’m currently off sick, but as soon as I can return properly I have a few ideas that I’ll be creating videos for.

    I’m not sure as to whether a video blog is for me but for those that do it, fair play to them. I’ll head over and check out those you’ve listed here and see what I think.

    Oh and I’m glad you pointed out the meaning of Pontificate as I was going to google to see what it meant 😆

    Thanks Brian, have a great week mate.


    • Thanks for watching Barry, and I hope you’re feeling better. I’m already subscribed to your channel and like your videos. I agree, video is a very powerful teaching tool, second only to one on one.

  28. Great inspiration 🙂 I have to admit that I’m suck at making videos. But video helps grow faster so I should try it out thank you – Ferb

  29. Videos do help get you better rankings in SEO.

    The article written by Brian is very thought out and gives you an understanding of what is his opinion about it.

    Good job!

  30. WEll including videos in the blog post has many advantages like it increases the average visiters time plus it is very helpful for seo.But when it comes to making your own video people tend to shy,so they prefer to don’t prefer to make their own video.

  31. Yeah, I’m making the rounds today, and I’m glad to see our video’s up there for all to see. lol

    For people who are shy when it comes to video, as I said in our group video, what you are in a video is what you are in real life. If you’re not afraid to leave your house and talk to people then you shouldn’t be afraid to make a video. As we prove over and over being professional doesn’t mean you don’t have fun, and it certainly doesn’t mean perfection; who missed the sign falling behind Brian’s head?

    I also took the position that it would have to be a very compelling blog for me to visit if every single post was a video. And what I do is offer some brief thoughts at least when I add a video. I have in the past had a couple of posts where it’s been all videos, but I usually do that around a holiday.

    Great stuff folks!

    • That’s a great point Mitch, being on video is really no different than going out in public. We just need to keep it real and be ourselves. Last week I was listening to Diane Rehm interviewing Kenny Rogers and he said something I thought very profound,

      “I have a theory that we’re all three people. I’m who I think I am, I’m who you think I am and I’m who I really am. And the closer those three are together the longer your career can last”.

      You can see the transcript here.

  32. thanks friend i think that network with other video bloggers is a great tips to promote vblogs..thanks

  33. Hey Brian,
    I too think its a good idea to express our content in different formats (like video and audio). You said about embedding others’ videos in our posts. But won’t that cause copyright problems?
    Waiting for your opinion…

    • Well Nihal, I’m not an attorney but I believe as long as the video is available for embedding and we’re not taking credit for the content it should be alright. I do recommend we always give credit, and a link, to anyone’s content we use. That includes text, images, video or anything we didn’t create ourselves. Of course, whenever in doubt, all we have to do is ask permission. 🙂

  34. I have a plan to add a video in my site after reading your post!

  35. Nice Article!!
    I am agree with your point Images also express good rather then a theoretical post. I think that images more clear anything rather than text. It attract the visitor concentration and also video attract so much if is fully knowledgeable and has ability to convenience the readers completely.

  36. I always wanted to do video blogging. One of the main reason why i held back was because of my shyness. Great advice Brian. Gonna implement your advice. Thanks!

  37. Thanks for sharing this interesting topic. We live in the times videos play an important role in our social network life. Who knows maybe videos are the future for blogs?

  38. Brian, was there ever a fear or nervousness of vlogging in your case? If so how did you overcome it? I feel nervous enough knowing my writing is out there for people to see, the idea of me on video trying to explain a subject scares me. The closest thing to vlogging I’ve done would be making tutorials for my readers and clients.

  39. Videos change somehow your blog. I put videos on my blog few months ago and i made the right decision. Glad to read your post and satisfied same time for my decision.

  40. Your video blog needs to have a reason people should watch it. One of the best ways of creating a sense of urgency around your vlog is to be on the pulse of industry news and know about exciting developments within your niche.

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