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Video Tips For Bloggers Intro

Video Tips Series by Sheryl Loch & Brad West

image - Video Tips - thumbAre you a blogger who has started doing videos to help promote your site, but could use a little help in a few areas?

Maybe you would like to do videos, but you just are not sure if you can?

Maybe you know you could bang those puppies out, but just haven’t had the kick in the butt to do it?

Well, we are here to help (yes, we also give butt kickin)! We want to give tips that everyone can use. We are not going to get all James Cameron (the guy that made Avatar) on you. Nope these tips can be used by YOU! If you aren’t using videos to promote yourself, blog, or products yet…you soon will be! Hell, if I can do it – you can do it!

Tips for Bloggers Using Video Intro

Video Transcript –

My name is Sheryl and I along with my trusty sidekick Brad will be doing a few post for Brian at Hot Blog

The whole guest post thing came about as Brian invited me to write a post about using YouTube. I said sure, I can do that. But, as it turns out…I can’t fit everything into 1 simple post. So over the next few weeks we will be covering things such as…

Why do Video?

We want you to think long and hard before passing up video. We want you to consider the advantages of things like Branding, share capabilities, cross promotion, demonstrations (for products)….

Video Site Overview

 There are a whole bunch of video sites out there in the cyber world but we are going to be focused on one, Youtube.  And we will tell you why later.

Video Production

We will be covering the actual production of videos and what is available to produce them yourself. This will not be some high tech multi-million dollar set up.

Audio Production

We will give you a few tips on how to produce your audio files and how to get the most out of your voice.

Green Screen Productions

We will be showing you a little bit about working with a green screen and show you how Brad made our inexpensive green screen for our puppet show productions.

Closed Caption

We will be doing a piece on closed caption we will be sharing some vital information as how to implement it and some examples of why you may want to put in the extra effort to do it right.

Video SEO and Social

There are some definite dos and don’ts when it comes to getting your videos to rank and how social media comes into play.

So there you have it. Make sure you are a subscriber to the Blog. If you are watching this video on the blog be sure to leave any video questions you have in the comments section. We will try to answer them in upcoming post.

Since Brians been a truck driver maybe I should close out in language he understands….10-4 out good buddy and we’ll catch ya on the flip side.

Ya, I have no idea what the flip side is so…I’ll just see ya back at the blog.

End Video Transcript

If you noticed “imperfections” in the video…don’t worry they will be used as examples later.

Since you’re reading this…I know you are on the blog so make sure you subscribe! You should also sign up for the Hot Blog Tips Newsletter where different bloggers will also be sharing tips.

Yeah, we don’t want you to miss anything!

Now leave your questions or comments and be sure to share this with your blog buddies!

About Sheryl Loch

I am always learning new and improved ways to better our blogs, forum, and e-commerce sites. You can find me at The Internet Marketers Guild and +Sheryl Loch.
I tend to be a bit straight forward and sarcastic at times so ask for an honest opinion and you shall receive...even if it is not what you want to hear.


  1. Hey Sheryl, great job! I’m very impressed. Your video blogging series is going to be a great resource for bloggers that realize the importance of video and it’s many benefits for blogs. Those that haven’t figured that out yet will soon see the light. A big thanks to both you and Brad for this video series. We’ll see ya in a short short. Keep the greasy side down over there at your home 20 of Sin City. {honk honk}

    • Your welcome Brian!
      We hope to get a few more people started in video by showing that it is much easier than they may think. And for those already doing video…we just might have some tips they have missed and could improve their outcome.

      You could have just called me short but NOOOOO, you called me double short. Then you took note that I needed a shower because I have a “greasy side”. See, video is valuable, you can learn so much about a person in just a minute of seeing them.

  2. Hi Brian, Thanks for this tip, as a newbie i have not considered doing a video at this time. but you have motivated me to get started. i am looking forward to following your post. thanks

    • Thanks William, I’m an amateur when it comes to video too. That’s why I appreciate Brad & Sheryl
      stepping in with expert lessons for our subscribers and site visitors. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss an single video, it’s going to be very enlightening.

    • Hi William!
      I think you may really like doing video once you get going. There are several ways to do them so I’m sure we will find one that is just right for you.

  3. Videos can really help a site when it comes to promotion because some people prefer watching rather than reading. Some of the bloggers convert their blog post into videos. Compiling related pictures with text below and there goes a short clip video.

    • Hello Car Tan, re-purposing blog post is one way we have been using video.

      The link you left in the website box goes to an odd feed, but if you are looking for ways to promote the cars on the main domain…I’ve watch a car dealer that has put out over a thousand videos to help his customers shop before they ever get to his actual place of business.

    • Hi Cara, I absolutely agree with Sheryl. Video is a fantastic tool for specific niches like that.

  4. Making a video is a great idea! It’s much easier to understand anything not only reading about it but also watching it. I will follow your video posts. Thanks for it.

  5. Hello, Brian!

    I have found you via BloggingTips about a week ago; however, today is the first time I actually read your blog.

    What can I say, seeing a post like this leaves a great impression about your work. Combining text and video posts is something that I would totally like to add to my blog. But, I just don’t know how to get started…

    So, I am pretty happy I visited this page. 🙂

    • Hi Ardorm, I’m glad you decided to check us out. We’re just getting started and it’s going to get real fun around here so don’t forget to subscribe. As for getting started, stay tuned because in the next few weeks Brad and Sheryl are going to give you everything you need to make it happen.

      • What a coincidence, haha 🙂

        I am going to spend most of my time studying at home in the next few weeks, so I totally won’t miss any post. 😉

        • Thanks for coming by Ardorm!
          Getting started is always my biggest problem with anything new. We’ll give you some reasons so you can’t resist making a video and some tips to help get it ranked to draw some traffic and you might just find that it is fun!

  6. Brian, video is one of my favorite topics, so I’m enjoying this series already! Fantastic job Sheryl.

    I do have a question – are you making your video available on iTunes?


    • Hi Ileane! Thanks for stopping in! I have seen some of your videos and know you are right on top of things.

      For this series I will be sticking with YouTube for the sake of simplicity.

    • Hi Ileane, Looks like we’ve connected on StumbleUpon too, very nice. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. OK, I’m not convinced that was Sheryl. Heck where is the American accent, or has all the booze in Vegas smoothed it out some 😀

    Loved the video Sheryl and it was so nice to hear your voice, even if it didn’t have a Yankee accent. 😉

    I’ve done a few videos and will be doing lots more so I will be keeping an eye on you guys.

    • Hey Sire, you must be thinking about all the East Coasters with their wacky accent or possibly the Southern draaaawlll.

      I actually have to watch my voice because I tend to sound like a robot. I did phone work back in the day & people thought it was a recorded message. I’ve also done the answering systems for places. If I really worked at the place, people wouldn’t know if it was really me answering or the machine. LOL!

      I HATE to admit it but you are part of the reason I am doing this. On Brians post about Cross Promotion, I had a comment written out that involved one of your videos. Of course my comment was a mile long, so I didn’t post it and I’ll cover that info later in this series. No, I wasn’t going to say anything bad about your video…just use it as an example.

    • I always thought Sheryl had a critter accent. I’ve seen so many Fuzzy Wuzzy Critter videos I keep expecting a big stuffed Panda to come flying into view.

      • Dang, I don’t even have a Panda in the house! *Must find a panda*

        I sometimes dream about stuffed animals but soon I’ll be dreaming about Limos and Spray Tanning. I doubt that I will get over 100 videos for tans or limos in 3 months so that may lessen the “trauma”. LOL!

        We don’t get tons of views on the Fuzzy videos but the click through is great.

        Now where is that damned bear……

  8. Hi Sheryl, looking forward to these tips.

    Videos are an awesome way to get yourself in front of people. And importantly there seems like a lot less search competition on sites like YouTube than their is on Google. Look forward to your tips on how to rank highly…

    Until the next post..

    • Hi Sandip, I’ll let Sheryl comment about the search aspect but I wanted to thank you for taking the time to watch the video and commenting. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss the rest of the series.

    • Thanks for coming by Sandip!
      I started doing videos because I wanted to get a picture on Google results. I had some pages that just wouldn’t bust into the top 10 so…I got my videos to rank there instead. I still want my site pages there but at least I have something to show until that happens.

      Is that your voice on the Webbed Business Ideas video? I’m such a sucker for a great accent! 😉

  9. Hi Sheryl…and hi, Brian!
    I had been thinking of adding some videos for quite some time already…but I never seem to find time or enough will to make it happen. However, I still didn’t give up the idea…what worries me most is always the audio quailty. I notice many videos on blogs, but more then 70 percent of them have bad audio…and so, I don’t see any point in adding them to the blog.
    I don’t want mine video to be like those ones…

    • Hi Kristina, Sheryl and Brad will help you on the time aspect. If you’re anything like me, the learning curve takes up a lot of time and this video series will speed that process up. Thank you for commenting.

    • Hi Krstina!
      Like Brian said, the learning curve takes the longest but that is the way it is with anything new.

      Once you get a platform as to how you want to do your videos…it goes pretty fast. It takes me longer to write out the script than it does to make the video in most cases. Yet, there is a reason I try to write the full script out.

      The audio can depend on if you use a video camera, web cam, and/or if you use an external mic. Also things such as location of where you make the video (outside, inside, and what is around you). The program you capture with can also make a huge difference. We will be covering some tips of what to watch (listen) for and how to get more voice and less outside noise or echo.

  10. Olawale Daniel says

    Hi Brian, thanks a ton for this wonderful guest post by sheryl. I really enjoyed the interview..

  11. I haven’t tried any video promotion of my site yet. I am kind of new in doing so and not sure if its gonna work out fine(besides that I am not videogenic haha ). Thanks for giving me ideas for future reference.

    • Hello Vhien! I am not very video cam friendly but I still use a LOT of videos for our sites.

      Just an FYI – This video here was the 1st one where I was on cam. I only put my face on camera for special people & I thought all of the subscribers to Hot Blog Tips would be worth it. 🙂

  12. Noel Addison says

    I just read a post about Fiverr and I think it would be a great site to use. I mean you can have someone work on the voiceover and you only need to provide the transcript. 🙂 You don’t have to do it all the time so it would not be too straining on your budget.

    • Using Fiverr for some Voice Overs could be great. I would think that most of them would have an example that you could listen to.

      Then you could pick a male/female or accent that you think will appeal the most to your customers.

  13. Remie Lund says

    I am new to blogging but would like to use videos to make my blog more interesting! This article has given me an idea of where to start and i’ll be popping back regularly for more expert tips! Great post!

  14. Hi Amy!

    Glad we gave you some food for thought on new traffic.

    Be sure to subscribe to the site here as we are going to be giving out more video tips for bloggers. Ok, the tips can be used by anyone not just bloggers. 😉

  15. I never had the idea of making videos to promote my site before, I might get busy in studying this! Thanks for the ideas!

    • Hi Amy, times are changing very quickly. Two things to consider with any website or blog right now are video and mobile. Those two aren’t going away and are getting more and more popular by the day.

  16. Thanks for sharing Sheryl. I have never used video on my websites or blogs. Always thought about using it, but never got to do it. I am now motivated to use them on my blogs.

  17. Creating Video is a great way to increase site traffic and connect with potential customers. There are a lot of software you can use and my favorite is Camtashia. It’s easy to use and easy to navigate. It’s not a free tool but it’s a good investment in your business.

    • Sheryl_Loch says

      Hi Jarrod, thanks for your recommendation of Camtasia. I know a lot of people use it and love it. Yes, there is a price tag but if someone is going to do regular videos then it sure could be worth the money.

      If they make great videos they could have their investment returned in the added sales.

  18. Preston Livingston says

    Hi Brian,

    you got some nice tips here. As a newbie blogger I was hesitating to make a video but after reading your post I changed my mind. I think it will worth a try. Thanks for the motivation 😉

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