Using Your YouTube Username on Google Plus

Using Your YouTube Username on Google Plus

Original Air Date: October 20, 2013
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How to setup Google Plus so you can keep your YouTube channel username.

Sheryl Loch of the Hot Blog Tips Hangout Crew answers some common questions regarding the new integration of YouTube and G+ comments. Will this move by Google put a stop to anonymous comments on YouTube? Will the Google Plus comments stop the trolls?

Since we must have a Google Plus account to post comments on YouTube, will everyone be forced to change their YouTube usernames to their real names? What is the G+ names policy? Google Plus requires a real name be used for a Google Plus account.

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Using your YouTube Username on Google Plus

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Using your YouTube Username on Google Plus

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Sheryl Loch
Mitch Mitchell
Brian D. Hawkins

But Wait, There’s More!

I just ran across this and thought it should be added. This video explains in detail your options of usernames; using your real name, keeping your old YouTube username or something in between. There are several options to choose from.

What happens when you update with Google+ on YouTube?

Interaction – Things You Can Do Right Now…

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  1. Hi Brian,

    You have a great sense of humor and I enjoyed reading and viewing this post.

    I chose to use my real name for YouTube because I branded myself with my website. I didn’t realize there were so many choices to make.

    I’m glad I branded myself because then people can get to know the real me and I don’t have to hide behind a pen name.
    Thanks for all the great info and great post.

  2. Google is making a big push to connect everything you have into one account. It make sense because they can obtain more data from you and they can also verify that you are a real person instead of having fake profiles.

  3. I was hoping that this would cut back on trolls and YouTube would be a friendlier place. Google+ seems to be doing a good job of it. But oh well, if there’s a hole in the system people are going to use it. – Scott Craighead

  4. Unfortunally the online companies will always try to control the users and obtain a lot of information about them and their lives, I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad one.
    Thanks for the videos , they were very usefull and good pointed

  5. I’m with you Geri, I prefer to be myself online and off. I couldn’t do those videos if I had to put up an act. I use my real name as well. I had to use my middle initial for most places because I have a popular name but I’m glad I at least have that opportunity.

  6. I think they are more concerned with the data and how to profit from it than they are fake accounts Donny, but that’s just an opinion. I really don’t know what they’re reasoning is but it looks like that’s going to be the place to be for the distant future.

  7. It would be nice Scott but last weekend I had the worst troll ever spamming our hangout on the questions app and he had an actual G+ acct. I guess there will always be a spam.

  8. Oh I’ll stop asking questions! lol I just kid.

  9. It’s a good thing for those that are profiting from it Eliq. For the rest of us, I guess it feels like it’s out of control. I just assume there’s zero privacy online and it’s the price of admission but that doesn’t make it right.

  10. I do not understand well why people tend to hide their real names and give fake ones. I usually use my real name on many accounts online.

  11. Now Google+ is also rolling out to custom url for Google+ profile. So, now you can add your real name to make unique and noticeable Google+ url.

  12. Google has been doing some crazy stuff recently with taking out author profiles. But I guess Google+ and hangouts really haven’t taken off as well as they thought it would have off. Will be interesting to see what they come up with next as facebook still continues to rule the social atmosphere.

  13. I guess it depends on where you spend your time and what your expectations were Leigh. Personally, I think G+ is doing very well within the circles I mix with. As far as Facebook, they had a huge head start and, what so many people are missing, it’s an entirely different platform. I’m happy to have both. One thing for certain though, like you said, it will be interesting; never a dull moment with social media. Thanks for your input. 🙂

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