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Avoid YouTube Videos Being Blocked From Mobile

Are all of your videos viewable on mobile devices? If not then you have a huge problem. You could be missing out on so many views it isn’t even funny.

According to YouTube Press Stats, over 800 million unique visitors are on YouTube each month. Just in 2011 YouTube had over 1 TRILLION views and we know that number is likely going up all the time.

In 2011, over 20% of the YouTube views were from mobile devices. This is another number that we know is on the rise every year.

So, what if for any reason, your video was not available on mobile? Do you think that would really hurt your channel? I’m going to guess that you would say “YES“!

So let’s make sure we avoid getting our videos blocked from mobile. In the Hangouts on Air video below, I talk with Brian D. Hawkins and Mitch Mitchell about why and how your YouTube videos may not be viewable on mobile.

The reasons your video may be blocked are listed in the first few minutes. Then Mitch ask a great question about using cover songs on videos and why some of those videos with copyrighted music are allowed and others are not.

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Did you know that YouTube has over 8 million content ID files? That includes every major record label and movie studio in the United States. So, if you think that your video using copyrighted material will not be found…think again. While some rights holders will allow you to keep the video up and use their content, others will yank it down or put restrictions on it.

When it comes to your brand be it yourself or your business, how many views are you willing to give up?

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