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Avoid YouTube Videos Being Blocked From Mobile

Are all of your videos viewable on mobile devices? If not then you have a huge problem. You could be missing out on so many views it isn’t even funny.

According to YouTube Press Stats, over 800 million unique visitors are on YouTube each month. Just in 2011 YouTube had over 1 TRILLION views and we know that number is likely going up all the time.

In 2011, over 20% of the YouTube views were from mobile devices. This is another number that we know is on the rise every year.

So, what if for any reason, your video was not available on mobile? Do you think that would really hurt your channel? I’m going to guess that you would say “YES“!

So let’s make sure we avoid getting our videos blocked from mobile. In the Hangouts on Air video below, I talk with Brian D. Hawkins and Mitch Mitchell about why and how your YouTube videos may not be viewable on mobile.

The reasons your video may be blocked are listed in the first few minutes. Then Mitch ask a great question about using cover songs on videos and why some of those videos with copyrighted music are allowed and others are not.

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Did you know that YouTube has over 8 million content ID files? That includes every major record label and movie studio in the United States. So, if you think that your video using copyrighted material will not be found…think again. While some rights holders will allow you to keep the video up and use their content, others will yank it down or put restrictions on it.

When it comes to your brand be it yourself or your business, how many views are you willing to give up?

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  1. Thanks Sheryl, nice follow-up for the video we did. Like your stats show, mobile is growing so fast we’d be crazy to ignore it.

  2. HI Brian

    Bandwidth is an issue in India and so many times videos get struck up, but never knew it could be blocked as well.

    Thanks for sharing this great info.


  3. its very nice post and nice trick i also want required because my many videos are blocked thanks for sharing..

  4. Hi Sheryl,
    I know more and more people are going online via their cell phone. When I heck my newsletter stats almost half of the opens came from a mobile device.

    I haven’t made any Youtube videos yet but I will make sure that my videos are not being blocked by mobile viewers.

    Take Care.

  5. I have seen videos start to go viral and then get a copyright ding and be blocked…ruins the chances of getting a “record” number of views. Very sad and something that most people would be really bummed about.

  6. thanks for the video u shared…
    this video blocking is 1 of my problems i faced…and thnx for giving me this knowledge..

  7. Hi Sapna, low bandwidth would stink. As long as your video is not blocked, then at least you have a chance of the video being seen.

  8. Hi Justin, I hadn’t even thought about newsletter being readable on mobile.

    With so many people on mobile doing their online activities, we sure do not want to do anything that cuts those people off from our content.

  9. So traffic is not only from computers, but from other devices like mobiles, iphones and ipads too. Well done to the stats collected by you.

  10. Hi Sheryl, YouTube has massive number of visitors each month that shows how much powerful video really is.

    Thanks – Ferb

  11. I do in fact use my smartphone to see videos on it.

    It is only going to get bigger 🙂

  12. Illuminating share Sheryl . I was not aware about the blocking part . Mobile is growing really fast and you have managed to share impressive stats about the mobile industry .

  13. I was wondering if anyone has seen a lot of growth for their blogs by using youtube. I am trying to grow my blog and build my tax preparation business. I have heard that using youtube helps to promote the blogs but I just don’t completely understand how it would work.

  14. I know we’re seeing YouTube climb in our referral analytics the more we do. It’s certainly not an overnight effort though, it takes time and consistency.

  15. Now that you mentioned it Sapna, I’ve been in the middle of a video when the connection gets too slow and have gotten the ‘not available on mobile’ message half way into it. Very strange.

  16. You’re not alone Samuel, According to Fact Browser, Long-form video accounts for 40% of smartphone video viewing while 52% of all smartphone video is viewed at home. So it’s not just a tool for travel anymore, I have mine running a lot propped up right next to my computer.

  17. Thanks Cheryl, I was not aware of this one that some do not show up on mobile. I must really work on more YouTube videos myself. Somehow I never seem to get around to it that often.

  18. Hi Ferb. yes video can push a lot of traffic directly to your site and also help you build your brand. Such a traffic source shouldn’t be ignored by most of us.

  19. Hi Purnima, many people have no idea that their videos can be blocked on mobile. Much easier to know what causes the blocking and avoid it.

  20. Hi Ryan, yes Youtube and video can really help build targeted traffic as it builds your brand name.

    Youtube is the 2nd largest referrer to one of our sites. We have also seen a huge increase in the number of incoming searches for that sites brand name.

    As Brian says, it takes time.

    I am not in the tax business, so keep that in mind. As an example – I do know of some lawyers who are using video to build their business. Their videos are many times “faq’s” for their area (state and specialty).

    Just because they may be answering questions does not mean that the person watching will be able to do it on their own, but it may build their confidence in the lawyer. It also gives a bit of voice and facial recognition that can help a future client feel like they “know” the attorney.

    I am sure there are just as many ways a tax preparer could use video. Just remember that your video may not get a million views because you are in a limited niche…targeted traffic would be your goal.

  21. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, shame on you not getting around to videos. 30 lashes with a wet noodle!

    You might try using the Hangouts on Air (if you haven’t already). They can be faster than a bunch of editing. Heck, you could make a few questions and invite someone in to discus them with you and BAM…video done.

    Our Hot Blog Tips hangouts are pretty easy and would be fast if I could just get “the boys” to stay on topic and answer the questions. LOL

  22. Hey! I never thought about this possibility! actually after reading your article I opened my phone on YouTube and started browsing my videos:). It would be quite a pity to lose time and not being able to bring your work in front of the audience as you planned. Thanks for the post!

  23. Like your stats show, mobile is growing so fast we’d be crazy to ignore it.I know more and more people are going online via their cell phone. yes Youtube and video can really help build targeted traffic as it builds your brand name. thanks for sharing it !

  24. Actually I never view videos on my mobile phone. I always view videos using YouTube on my laptop or tablet. This is the reason I never tried using my phone to watch videos. However, it seems that getting blocked over the mobile from watching videos is going to do bad to many people as many people and bloggers use their smartphones to get access to YouTube videos.

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