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Watching YouTube Videos In Hangouts Has Improved

Hangout - TVWho says that the Google Plus Hangouts team doesn’t listen to what users are saying? Sure they do. In fact they have made big improvements in one area of Hangouts and it was the topic of a Hot Blog Tips Hangout on Air. You can now stream YouTube videos while you are in a Google Hangout for the other participants.

We talk a little about the new improvements and how you can use the YouTube App in different types of Hangouts. Of course Brian and Mitch have business on their minds, while I tend to go with the family (non business/ funnier) route.

If you are thinking about using the new and improved YouTube app in a Hangouts on Air – to0 bad, so sad, you are outta luck! We talked about (in the video above) why HoA’s probably don’t let you show videos on your live show.

Now, if you are wondering how you can get the YouTube app in your regular hangout. It is simple as pie (yes, pie is simple; I just have Brad make it).

Hangout Video Features

Once you have started your regular Hangout, you will simply look in the Left hand column of your Hangouts window. You will see either a + sign or the text “Add More Apps“. Now click to add an app and you will see YouTube is in the choices. You will have to approve the app to see your YouTube, blah, blah, blah. Just click Accept or OK.

Once you have installed this new YouTube App, you will see an icon in the app bar on the left now. Anytime you want to open to play videos, just click it.

Each time you start the app you will see the following message:

Welcome to YouTube in Hangouts!

Some things to remember:

Everyone sees the same video and playlist so adding and skipping videos will affect everyone.

Only you see your search queries and results.

Have fun and remember that you can share the playlist you’ve created with your friends when you’re done hanging out.

So in other words, don’t be playing videos that you don’t want others in the Hangout to see. Sure that pole dancing video was cool, but Grandma or your boss may not be so impressed.

In this image I have pointed out a few things to look for when you have your next Hangout.

  1. The Add app + sign (so you can add app)
  2. YouTube App Icon. How you start the app in a Hangout.
  3. The YouTube Player has a Push to Talk button. This allows a person to push it when a video is playing and it lowers the video volume, release the button and the volume comes back up. If you are watching a music video and want to push that button so we can all hear you sing – DON’T!
  4. Video Volume can be set right there in the player!
  5. Add to Playlist! You can click that and do a search for any keywords; it will bring up the top 10 listings for that phrase. You can also just grab a YouTube URL for a particular video.

See it is easy and kind of cool.

Mitch, Brian and I gave some of our ideas of how you could use YouTube videos during a Hangout, how would you use this app? Will you use it for business? Family?

Maybe hangin with your friends listening to “hair bands of the 80’s” (it would be cheaper than going out).

Grab that next Hangouts on Air live show URL and discuss it with your group as it airs?

Tell us how you think it can be useful and if you would make more videos knowing you can now easily share them with people in a Hangout.

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  1. Thank you Sheryl, I think this post will help a lot of people and also encourage more bloggers to take advantage of Google Hangouts.

  2. That’s certainly a great enhancement in Google Hangouts, now you can enjoy any youtube video with your hangouts friends.

  3. You know me Brian, I think everyone should be using Hangouts. No spelling errors for anyone to point out when speaking. LOL

  4. Hi Aasma, they have been making a lot of improvements with their Hangouts and Hangouts on Air.

    Watching YouTube with your far away friends is almost like being there in the same room. (As close as you can get sometimes)

  5. great post! your post helpful to understand that hangout is very useful for everone.

  6. Google hangouts are the ultimate way to communicate with other through videos.

    It is amazing how you can play a youtube video right in the hangout.


  7. Thanks for the update Sheryl, That’s indeed a great improvement.

  8. It’s great to see improve on Google+ Hangout and I should give it a try.

  9. hi,
    soOO.. amazing tricks. I really like it so much its helpful for everyone.

  10. I agree that Hangouts are an awesome way to communicate.

    There is no better way to get together with co-workers or friends to view videos (unless you can be there in person).

  11. You’re welcome Emmanuel! I think we will see even more improvements in the near future as YouTube and Hangouts on Air are doing more updates on Monday Dec. 3.

    Can’t wait to see what they do.

  12. Ferb, you should just find a few people and try it out. I think you will love it.

  13. Wow! This improvement seems really helpful in watching youtube video via hangouts. A good business is the one listens to its customers and works towards the betterment of the services they provide. I am happy and at the same time proud to hear this.

  14. Google Hangouts is great news to me! Thank you so much for sharing this, and I’ll be sure to share it with friends who love watching internet videos as well.

  15. Hello Patrick, I agree a business has to listen and continue to make improvements or it will get left behind and in the dust of a business that is willing to keep moving forward.

    The Hangouts team and the Google Plus team seem to be working, they may not get everything we want as fast as we want it, but they will get to the important stuff sooner or later. LOL

  16. Hi Joy, find a few friends, make your own snacks and get together in a Hangout to watch videos sounds like a plan to me. You can wear your pajamas don’t have to clean your house or drive anywhere. LOL!

  17. This is as close as you can get to being physically present 🙂 I love the whole concept ! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Interesting enhancement. Hopefully it’s not as buggy as the older versions of Google Hangouts.

  19. I remember the time with G+ started and all these hangouts became mainstream. Well it lasted for a week or so, nevertheless it was fun. I guess it died out because of all the bugs. Plus you can get the same services on Skype with lesser errors. But with this add-on it’ll be a lot more fun, I’m going to try it soon!

  20. Contrary to what I’ve heard looks like google’s trying to catch up on the social networking front. Thanks for writing abou this Sheryl!

  21. Hi Emilia, sometimes life doesn’t let us live in the house next door to the people we want to spend time with…Google Plus hangouts has at least given us a way to get a little closer no matter where our house is.

  22. Hi Stacey, I think all systems start with some bugs. They do seem to be fixing them as they go. You should give them another try.

  23. Hi Kelly, if we think about it, Facebook was around for years before most people even heard of it. Google Plus is building and new features coming all the time.

  24. Hi Calra, I still get a lot of Hangout invites. It may just depend on who you circle and who circles you.

    I am not sure how good Skype is anymore. I haven’t even opened it in over a year. LOL!

    Do give the Hangouts a go again.

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