Google Plus drives me crazy

What Drives You Crazy On Google Plus?

Google Plus drives me crazy

I want to share a few things about how people use Google Plus that drive me crazy! I’m not saying they are using it wrong, as people can use it anyway they want, but some things just bother the crap outta me.

Let’s get this out of the way 1st

  1. Google Plus is NOT a bookmarking site.
  2. Google Plus is NOT Twitter.
  3. Google Plus is NOT Facebook.

Google Plus IS a SOCIAL Networking site and is connected to the #1 search engine. In fact it is a search engine in itself.

If you are using it as a Bookmarking site to publicly +1 every article you see on the web, then you may be driving me crazy. Just look at some peoples post page and notice they may be +1’ing 20 or more articles a day. I’m NOT talking about giving a +1 to a Google Plus post; I am talking about the +1’s on website article.

Some people seem to +1 with no regards to quality. These are the same people that have their +1’s go into their stream, which in turn can mean my stream if I have them circled. When you give a +1 it reflects on you. If you are saying look at this site or article because I think it deserves a +1 and it is a crappy spun article that is just a piece of spam…then that will be the impression I get of you!

If you are showing a +1 in your stream yet all you show is the link and you don’t bother to write any of your own text telling me why I should read the article then, you may be driving me crazy. A link or pubic +1 with no original text from you is like you just getting in my face and pointing at something. So, as your mother said…use your words!

Google Plus is NOT twitter!

On G+ you have plenty of character space. You are not limited to a few words. Use your words to tell the info you want others to know.

If you are one that copies and paste tweets into the stream, you may be driving me crazy. If you see a funny tweet and want to share it, take a pic, upload it, write something about it and LINK to the user who tweeted it.  If I wanted to see all the tweets from the people you follow there, I would follow them myself ON TWITTER!

Google plus is NOT Facebook.

On Google Plus, you can follow and interact with anyone who makes a public post. They don’t have to be your “friend”. This means that it is super easy to find new cool people. You can follow them if they seem interesting without their ok. Seriously, people are so much easier to find on G+ than Facebook.

In fact, you don’t even have to circle the person to be allowed to +1 or comment on any public post (just don’t be an idiot or they will block you).

Google Plus is a Social site.

That means be sociable. Comment on others peoples post. Share other peoples articles and videos. Answer people when they leave a comment on your post. If all you do is go there and sling your own links…no one will be interested in you since you show no interest in them.

Google Plus public posts are searchable and indexed by Google. This is why I say, use your words. If you have no real text then no one will find your post by searching.

Don’t make every post go to your circles or extended circles. Make the post public unless you have something that should be only addressed to certain people. Yes, you may want that post about your kids going only to your family circle, or the dog article only to your animal loving friends but for the most part you should be fine with public unless you are a mass poster.

If you send a post to circles and not public, it can NOT be seen by anyone outside of the circle. Therefore you are losing out on others being able to find you.

Here is a link to Mitch’s article where he talks about Google Plus and posting publicly: Google Plus And The Public. He also tells you why he has decided to do more public post rather than always posting to circles.

If you haven’t already tried out the search on Google Plus then I encourage you to go do it. It is a great way to find new people and info.

I have more to say, but I will stop for now.

Now it is YOUR turn

What drives you crazy on Google Plus?

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  1. Thanks for the Google Plus etiquette tips Sheryl, I’m sure it will help some of us and stir up an interesting conversations. 🙂

  2. There are always ways to abuse the system. I agree on not +1ing the badly spun article and expecting to read them..

    You have to use Google+ as it is meant to be. They will always be those idiots on there.

  3. I just want to add this also; Google+ is NOT a blog! I’ve seen some people using it as their blog space and, well, it’s just awkward and I almost always mute those posts.

  4. Not sure how many people really appreciate this type of etiquette tips. LOL

    I did think we needed to shake a few things up and let the readers have a chance to air the things that drive them crazy over on G+. I just got them started.

  5. Yes Samuel, no matter where you go, there will be idiots. Thank goodness we don’t have to circle them and see all they do. If they chose to be an idiot on our post, we can delete or block.

  6. I have seen some very long post on G+. I know of a few people who are very wordy. I either read it if it looks really good or just skip over it.
    As far as muting…I know that certain people and pages get tons of comments so, if I am going to comment I normally mute right then. Unless it is a conversation I really want to follow. Otherwise, if I don’t comment then it just slides down my stream never to be seen again no muting needed. LOL

  7. Brian, I laughed today when I saw Dino Rogans’s status on Fb saying Google+ is a ghost town. And he may be right. I think people don’t know what to do with Google plus. I tell people to share other peoples content with your network and it helps me build my folliwng, but I am yet to see Google+ giving me any traffic.

    Will Google+ register as Google+ or Google in Analytics?

  8. That’s a way to look at it; makes a lot of sense sometimes to just let it go. But if it looks like something that a lot of people might comment on, I take no chances.

  9. ecogreen4us says

    Thanks for sharing nice tips. I rarely use Google + because I am not so sure how it really functioning.

  10. I never knew thought about how G+ public posts are a way to connect with awesome people with similar interests just like blog commenting is. It seems like the same rules apply for G+ public posts as do for a blog post.

    Blog posts are open any real person to comment on and through these interactions you can preview what an author is about and then choose whether to engage them or not and not feel weird about it because they author is expecting strangers to see what they’ve put out there.

    It’s also very cool to see how Google makes it easy to see the option of going public and private.

  11. Well, you know Ivin, I love Dino but I think G+ takes a little more creativity than Facebook when it comes to finding that sweet spot. I said this before, maybe I blogged about it, I’m not sure (getting old sucks) but I thought Google Plus was one of the most boring networks on the web until I opened my mind (circles) up to a more diverse group of people. I tend to socialize with bloggers and online business people but when I circled a few comedians things started getting interesting. Then a few artists and a little of this and a little of that. You get the point; if it’s boring we have our guards up. I stopped worrying about who’s following back and what my follow to following ratio is because there’s nothing more boring than that. 🙂

  12. I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that one Mitch, I feel any of the networks are for whatever the user want’s to use them for and long as others are willing to listen or interact and it doesn’t violate the terms of use. Kind of like that old adage, ‘It’s worth what someone is willing to pay’ type of thing.

    I will admit I mute a post as soon as I feel there’s no longer a chance of direct replies and the little red notification numbers start bugging me.

  13. Isabel Singh says

    I usually use Google plus to help bloggers as i always click and add an addition on their page.

  14. I don’t like Google plus because we as bloggers have to use it, otherwise our serp might fall, or at least we wouldn’t have the same advantages. Although it is a different concept as compared to Facebook, I don’t think it will ever have the same success, due to the confusion people make. Google has several years to catch up, therefore I expect several improvements in the foreseeable future.

  15. Well I would still prefer Facebook over G+. For whatever reason you say, to get social or to market your sites, for me, Facebook is always a better option over G+.. Every person has a profile over Facebook, but this is not the case with G+… Facebook is overcrowded, but this is a big plus point which attracts me towards it..

  16. The image featured in this post is scaring! :-O

    Even is Google is The Search Engine and rules the web,
    Facebook is The Social Network and rules the social media.
    This is simply a fact.

    Then it is clear to taste, someone who has a business online, maybe you use more Google Plus, thinking to benefit more than the SERPs.

    Then there are countries where a social network is more popular than others.

  17. Paul Lee says

    What bothers me is what you bring up in the beginning. People see Google+ as NOT Facebook, Twitter, whatever, and therefore not as good. The potential for Google+ is totally unexplored, and it gets cast aside too much, I think. I think this service will develop into something completely unique from what we have today, and I’m excited to see it. I just hope to gets its chance to grow, and not get ignored.

  18. While Google plus is not Facebook I am impressed with Google’s attempt to enter the social networking scene. I still prefer Facebook and am especially please with Pages which allows you to see fan interaction and participation through Facebook Insights.

  19. I think the only way to really learn how it works is to read a bit and then just jump in and give it a try. The more you look around, interact and read other peoples post…the sooner you will get the hang of it.

  20. Lewis, you are right!
    When you comment on G+, you are showing your knowledge and interest to others.

    Most people have learned that anyone can post a comment on their public post. Although, I have seen a few people get upset because some who is not their “friend” commented. Silly people should learn what PUBLIC means! They have the Facebook mentality. LOL!

  21. Isabel, I try to find something interesting to comment on each day. I sometimes even comment on great post or shares from people that I do not have circled.

  22. Hi Julian, I remember a few years ago when everyone said we had to be on Facebook or else we would fail.

    I think the fact that G+ post are indexed is a HUGE bonus over Facebook. FB is not search friendly and that is a real problem they have. FB also doesn’t allow post or comment editing, which drives me crazy. I always find an error and have to delete and repost (my bad spelling is my own fault, but still a pain).

    I think people use whichever platform works best for them.

  23. Hi Zainil, I am sure there will be people who prefer 1 over the other for various reasons.

    I don’t think FB or G+ is going away…they are different and will be used by different people.

    I just find G+ much easier to search for interesting people and post.

  24. Sorry about the picture Erik, that is what I look like when I get drove crazy. LOL!

    Each business and person will find they like one or each of the sites for whatever benefits.

    For those of us that also manage local business, Google has now merged Google Places with G+ and that means we really will have an advantage over the people who don’t learn how to use G+. I like having that advantage.

    Some Brands have large FB following and they may or may not care as much about building another network.

    It may be a win for all of us as FB and G+ will have to keep improving things if they want to keep the people.

  25. Hi Elena, I think it is great that FB now has a bit of competition. Even though both sites are very different, they still have to keep improving things or the people will move.

  26. Hi Sheryl. I’m just learning how to use Google+, so while reading this post, I realized I’m guilty of the things that drive you crazy on G+. However, thanks to your post, I now know better.

  27. i tried google plus and i got good results my serp increased a bit.

  28. if people spam on Google plus they gonna suspended the profile with silly reasons. recently i m also suspended but i changed my name and applied for reconsideration then i got my profile back.

  29. asking others to plus one on your link is not good idea Google will detect all those things and remove all those fakes votes after some time.

  30. I use +1 button as a social bookmarking tool since it effects search results I’m very selective in giving out +1’s, may be 1-5 +1’s per month or even less. I also do agree with you that Google+ is not facebook or twitter, it has it own strength(hangouts, Google+ locals, ability to customize web results)etc.

  31. I am new on google plus and I agree with you about people constantly using it as their twitter profile. Sometimes, with the length of their posts it becomes just like a blog already and it drives me crazy because it defeats the purpose of google plus. But then what can we do? The internet is for everyone who has access to it. I just hope we don’t abuse it like we do.

  32. Thanks for the article. Its hard to teach an old dog new tricks. And blogging just has so many darn new tricks all the time.


  33. Up to 90% of Google+ users uses it as Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites for bookmarking. It’s a hard effort to make them understand. I appreciate your effort. Keep it up.

  34. I’ve been reluctant to use google+ because each new social media site requires so much time to first get used to and second get established on. After reading this, I think I might give it a go, especially since twitter annoys me to no end. I’ve got to be missing something when it come to that one, because I just don’t get it.

  35. Hi Sheryl,

    Google+ is NOT FACEBOOK! I totally agree with you! Though the way user use it is more or less the same. They key to remember is that both these sites are for being Social Online. And to be social is a big part of today’s user’s daily activities online. Though Google+ offers more functions when it comes to sharing and being active socially online than Facebook does. Google+ also allows for some great plugins – where you can even share on Facebook and many other Social Media Channels through Google+ by the click of one button. The plug in is called “Extended Share for Google Plus” – available from the Google chrome web store. Google+ – in my eyes is MORE than Facebook. (though not always to a more targeted audience)

  36. Hi Paul, I don’t think Google + will dry up and blow away by any means. Eventually, people will decide if they want to use it or not and I bet there will people that will stick with FB, some will go with G+ and some will just tinker with both.

    I think that G+ will keep changing as users move in.

    I find Google + much better for my business’ and personal use. maybe I should be glad that not as many people use G+, gives my accounts less competition. ;-}

  37. Hi Anna, no worries. Everyone uses the site differently and people will either like how you post or they won’t. So, just watch and see if you are getting the results you want, if not then try something different.

  38. Yes, Google is pretty good at recognizing spam and those trying to manipulate the system. It is just easier to work at doing things right and getting results that last.

    Google + can help in the SERP’s if you take the time to write some good text and interact with others. I think to many people just want to post their own links and then leave…I doubt they are getting very good results.

    Just keep posting and commenting and you will find what works good for you.

  39. Hi Rahul, I don’t mind the +1’s on great articles and when someone like you is selective. It is the people who just mark everything they see or everything their friends want a +1 for. If all they ever do is sling +1’s, I doubt Google will take much value in their post.

    The merge of Google Places with Google Plus will be a good reason for people to at least look at what G+ has to offer.

    FB and Twitter each have their own value, it just depends on what people want.

  40. Hi Marshall, there will be people use G+ in all kinds of ways. I just figure that if I don’t like what or how they post…I don’t have to circle them.

    I figured this blog post would give people a few ideas of things to watch for or tell us what bothers them on G+. Sometimes we all just need to say “That is driving me crazy!”. LOL

  41. Hi Pam, that is what keeps us on our toes…trying to learn new things.

    Each social network has a learning curve and once we get the hang of it…they change it. LOL

  42. Hello Sonja, I think a big bonus to Google Plus is that there is no auto posting. That way, people will have to visit the site to post their links rather than just automatically push in their RSS feed.

    Hopefully, while they are there, they will also take the time to comment or read other peoples post.

  43. Maybe for some people and some business Google Plus is the right place to hang out, since most of their friends or customers do so. In my case although i initially engage on this, i recently decide to stop using since the time i spend on this has no results at all.
    I think that Google Plus is a big fiasco. Maybe in the feature we have to use it but right now for us is just a waste of time.

  44. Tilly Wilkinson says

    I agree! Sometimes we need to be sensible in joining social media because too much sharing info can be annoying which may lead to banned or block, especially in G+..

  45. James Ruppert says

    Google plus is a great tool, however privacy concerns still persists. For individuals, my advice is to be careful with what you post publicly, (oh, this applies to all social networking sites.)

  46. The image featured in this post is scaring! :-O
    By the way post is really awesome.
    Featured Low Life Spammer!

  47. Hi Daniel, I totally understand, The thought of “starting over” on each new site kind of makes me cringe.

    If you write a good Bio and use your text in post, you will get people to circle you. Although, they may just circle you so you circle them back (argh).

    I suggest that once you have your bio and a few post, then use the Search on G+ to look for post and people that may interest you. And like every other social site…if you aren’t interacting with others, they probably won’t interact with you. So, if you find people you are really interested in, it makes the entire process worthwhile and a lot more educational/fun.

  48. Hi Anton!
    I think I have seen people talk abut the “Extended Share for Google Plus” plug in on G+.

    Sadly, many people on every network forget the social part. When they leave out that part, then the whole thing is a waste of time for them. They will always be the 1st ones to say that a site doesn’t work or that networking is a failure. <- We have those "special" people on every social site. LOL!

    I LIKE that I have different people on each networking site. Makes life a lot more fun.

  49. I’m sure that some business and people have a much easier time on certain networks.

    I pretty much went for new friends and customers on G+. Then again, I have never really embraced Facebook Business pages, so making the move to G+ was easy.

    As Google Plus grows, you can always come back and check it out. I don’t think it will be leaving any time soon.

  50. Yes, common sense isn’t always so common. LOL!

    I just wouldn’t circle people that are to annoying. If they spam comment post then, they may need blocked. I think that is why I like G+, I don’t have to “friend” people back like on Facebook.

  51. Yes James, people need to keep in mind that what they post can be found by others if they look hard enough.

    I don’t think some people understand the “over sharing” idea. I’ve seen people post things that floor me.

    Think BEFORE you hit that post button. LOL

  52. I think the true power of Google+ comes with the integration of Google’s services like Gmail, Search, YouTube, Blogger, Android etc and about plussing good articles like this one, I don’t hesitate much.

  53. Hi Sheryl, great to see you educating people about how to use Google+. So many people are ignoring it especially if they are big users of Facebook. I always share publicly unless I really want to have a private conversation with one person. Thanks for the post, we should do a Hangout soon!

  54. I really need to focus more on Google+, I still find it hard to understand and use. I am missing out on something special. I am probably one of those people that annoy plenty of people, I share same or similar things as I do on Facebook however, they are pictures and words not just copied and pasted Tweets lol.

  55. Hey Ivan,

    Just thought I would give you a few tips for Google+:

    First of all, you haven’t posted anything in your “Public” stream. So when I go to look at your profile, there is nothing there.

    Second of all, you have only followed/circled 66 people. It would be hard to find a use for Twitter or FB if you only had those numbers wouldn’t it?

    Finally, check out this post I have on Plus for people that need help finding circles to follow, and a few guides on using it. Just like any other network, you get what you put into it. I have found it to be far better than FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn combined, but I have been very active on it since the second week it was in private beta.

    (sorry for the link Brian, but I think it will help)

  56. I am one of those who created a Google+ profile and left it right there 😀 Does that drive you crazy?

  57. Actually, if people are over the top with what they +1, then that does kind of make it like Facebook, where people are over the top with what they like, in my opinion.

  58. Thank you for the +1.
    Having all the services together is certainly a huge PLUS!

  59. Hello Ileane!
    Yes, we even talked about having you as a guest when we get going on our HoA. Warning…the 3 guys I do the newsletter with are a bit unruly. LOL!

    I think many people will stay with facebook until the day they (or it) dies. Change is very hard for some. Others tend to say “But, my friends are not there…”. Heck, I like that I have G+ with a whole new set of contacts rather than just the same people I have on FB.

    I talked to a TV news reporter today and she knew Nothing about Google Plus… I hope I gave her enough info to at least take a look at it.

  60. Hi Andi, as long as you are not connected with the same people on both Facebook and Google Plus…then they will never know you are sharing the same stuff. LOL!

    If you ever start copy and pasting tweets…we shall hunt you down and super glue your fingers to the desk. ;-}

  61. Nope, that would not drive me crazy. If your not posting then I doubt that I would ever happen across your profile. So, you won’t be on my list of nuts. LOL!

  62. Hi Norm, I think that hitting the + or Like button is just easier than actually writing something, so they just click it.

  63. Mike Jones says

    I do not like Google plus because we as bloggers have to use it, otherwise our resp might fall, or at least we wouldn’t have the same advantages. Although it is a different concept as compared to Facebook, I don’t think it will ever have the same success, due to the confusion people make. Google has several years to catch up, therefore I expect several improvements in the foreseeable future.

  64. Ashleen Moreen says

    Google plus was not driving me crazy. I have an account in Google plus and I could not open more often my account because I am very much busy but then many people love to use Google plus as their way of their business.

  65. Google + is not that great when you want to have a social experience on a personal level but if you are in business or in digital marketing than it’s kind of necessary to be on Google+.

  66. nice tips i use google plus for my every article coz google focus alot on its new product :)…….

  67. I hate Google Plus! 🙁 I have an account but I don’t use it. I prefer the other sites.

  68. Hi Sadie, Google Plus is really growing on me. I like the way everything comes together, especially on my phone. My Gmail, G+, hangouts, YouTube and even search seems super easy whenever and wherever I’m logged in. I’m also seeing some pretty decent traffic from all of those sources but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not working our Google+ Business page like I should.

  69. wow, amazing pictures.. recently signed up for google plus, till didn’t bothered about it because i dont know that it can’t help us in getting traffic. but after reading your post i must concentrate on it.

  70. Hi Rajkumar, Google Plus can be very beneficial. It is just like any other site as it takes time to build an audience and by sharing interesting things and commenting on others post…you will start to see people circling you.

  71. Ugly picture, but good comments 🙂 It seems that most people don’t really GET how Google Plus works. I guess we’re all learning!

  72. Anonymous - Please read comment policy says

    Actually the Google+ didn’t drive me crazy your picture did, kidding.I think Google+ is OK, it’s kind of social network that we can connect with each other and build our credit by sharing some interesting topics.

  73. Very informative blog! Thanks for sharing this information. I would agree that there are indeed a lot of people whose purpose is to deceive many just for their personal gain. I hope this blog could reach as many readers to share this worldwide.

  74. I’m a little aggrevated with Google plus. It is a touch of everything, a little of twitter, a little of facebook. I REALLY want to like it, but sometimes I find myself thinking “facebook does this better”. BUT, I really like the layout of google plus. The only ppl on it are the geeky ones like myself. All of my normal friends are on facebook. Does anyone share my thoughts on this?

  75. Anonymous (Read Comment Policy) says

    Google+ is unique in its own way. Though we sometimes think that it is just another social networking sites but the truth is it contains a lot of distinct features that you cannot find on other social sites.

  76. as long as there is “WHAT’S HOT AND RECOMMENDED” listen on top and not can be muted by default, I will NOT use G+. I f%&*#g hate those posts.

  77. Not sure why you would be seeing those type of post, I don’t.

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