Google Plus drives me crazy

What Drives You Crazy On Google Plus?

Google Plus drives me crazy

I want to share a few things about how people use Google Plus that drive me crazy! I’m not saying they are using it wrong, as people can use it anyway they want, but some things just bother the crap outta me.

Let’s get this out of the way 1st

  1. Google Plus is NOT a bookmarking site.
  2. Google Plus is NOT Twitter.
  3. Google Plus is NOT Facebook.

Google Plus IS a SOCIAL Networking site and is connected to the #1 search engine. In fact it is a search engine in itself.

If you are using it as a Bookmarking site to publicly +1 every article you see on the web, then you may be driving me crazy. Just look at some peoples post page and notice they may be +1’ing 20 or more articles a day. I’m NOT talking about giving a +1 to a Google Plus post; I am talking about the +1’s on website article.

Some people seem to +1 with no regards to quality. These are the same people that have their +1’s go into their stream, which in turn can mean my stream if I have them circled. When you give a +1 it reflects on you. If you are saying look at this site or article because I think it deserves a +1 and it is a crappy spun article that is just a piece of spam…then that will be the impression I get of you!

If you are showing a +1 in your stream yet all you show is the link and you don’t bother to write any of your own text telling me why I should read the article then, you may be driving me crazy. A link or pubic +1 with no original text from you is like you just getting in my face and pointing at something. So, as your mother said…use your words!

Google Plus is NOT twitter!

On G+ you have plenty of character space. You are not limited to a few words. Use your words to tell the info you want others to know.

If you are one that copies and paste tweets into the stream, you may be driving me crazy. If you see a funny tweet and want to share it, take a pic, upload it, write something about it and LINK to the user who tweeted it.  If I wanted to see all the tweets from the people you follow there, I would follow them myself ON TWITTER!

Google plus is NOT Facebook.

On Google Plus, you can follow and interact with anyone who makes a public post. They don’t have to be your “friend”. This means that it is super easy to find new cool people. You can follow them if they seem interesting without their ok. Seriously, people are so much easier to find on G+ than Facebook.

In fact, you don’t even have to circle the person to be allowed to +1 or comment on any public post (just don’t be an idiot or they will block you).

Google Plus is a Social site.

That means be sociable. Comment on others peoples post. Share other peoples articles and videos. Answer people when they leave a comment on your post. If all you do is go there and sling your own links…no one will be interested in you since you show no interest in them.

Google Plus public posts are searchable and indexed by Google. This is why I say, use your words. If you have no real text then no one will find your post by searching.

Don’t make every post go to your circles or extended circles. Make the post public unless you have something that should be only addressed to certain people. Yes, you may want that post about your kids going only to your family circle, or the dog article only to your animal loving friends but for the most part you should be fine with public unless you are a mass poster.

If you send a post to circles and not public, it can NOT be seen by anyone outside of the circle. Therefore you are losing out on others being able to find you.

Here is a link to Mitch’s article where he talks about Google Plus and posting publicly: Google Plus And The Public. He also tells you why he has decided to do more public post rather than always posting to circles.

If you haven’t already tried out the search on Google Plus then I encourage you to go do it. It is a great way to find new people and info.

I have more to say, but I will stop for now.

Now it is YOUR turn

What drives you crazy on Google Plus?

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