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When Brands Should NOT Start A Blog

As a long time blogger, someone that can get lost in the blogging world more hours than they care to admit, it’s tough for me not to see the value of a blog for almost any brand.

Think about it. What type of industry couldn’t benefit from a company blog? Try to think of some less obvious businesses.

Car Wash Blog

A Car Wash?

Local business can benefit greatly from a blog – in my humble opinion. A carwash could use a blog to show off their great work. Put regular customers in the spotlight. Announce weekly specials or new equipment upgrades.

They could use printable coupons to help their list building efforts. Oh, don’t forget contact information, location, directions, and hours.

Their blog can offer video showing the employees having a blast. Get it? Blast – water… never mind. What about some car care tips? Remember, give, give, give. Can you imagine a better place to show their community support?

Yes, a carwash can use a blog very effectively. BTW, this is just off the top of my head. I’m sure there are a dozen other reasons to blog even better than those I came up with.

Ice Cream Truck Blog

An Ice-cream Truck?

Yep, another local company. But really, can an ice-cream truck use a blog? You bet. Imagine something beyond the usual contact information.

How about a planned route through the neighborhoods? Photos of excited children in line for the frozen treats. Better yet, video! (Get parent’s consent for photos and video, obviously).

Add a map, specials, and coupons to the blog. How about testimonials? Again, community service would make a nice fit.

Let’s not forget the give, give, give… Give fun ice cream tricks. Is there such a thing as ice cream tricks? I have no idea but there’s always room for something new. Oh, there you go, use your ice cream blog to show new products. A weather report? Maybe not but you see where we’re going, right? Value, value, value.

Manufacturing Blog

A Plastic Manufacturing Plant

Okay, let’s think bigger brands. I bring up a plastic Manufacturing Plant because I once had one as a local client (Almost – kind of). Could a B2B business like that offer value in the form of a blog?

And to whom, since their customers are other product manufactures that would be very unlikely to read a blog.

This is a tough one, right? It’s an actual question I had to face myself and the answer, for them anyway, was no blog is needed. I presented that a blog could serve the community more than their clientele. This would have been tough because job postings, environmental reports and other boring content would appeal to few.

What if the plastic company used the blog to tighten a community and family oriented atmosphere? Company outings could be shared on the blog. Employee of the month? There’s a post or two every month.

They could share real life stories on the benefits plastic has. They could help their readers understand what happens beyond their recycling bins or offer tips on other forms of plastic repurposing.

They could get involved in community programs and concerns in a real way and voice those on their company blog. Announce promotions and welcome new employees.

Yes, a blog can easily replace a company newsletter that seems to cost more to print than they’re worth. Who said a blog couldn’t be designed for your employees and their families?

Almost any business CAN benefit from a company blog

An office supply store? An auto repair business? A hair and nail solon? A roofing company? Yes, it would seem that almost any business CAN benefit from a company blog.

The keyword here is “can“. The problem comes down to time vs. benefit. Blogs take time and often take a lot of time to see actual results. Many businesses, especially traditional businesses, speak the language of ROI (Return on Investment) and are often blind beyond a timely ROI.

Before you begin to blog, you MUST be able to clearly answer the following:

What is your blog about, exactly who is it for, and what can it do for them?

You have to understand exactly why your business needs a blog. A little exercise like I just did with the ice-cream truck, plastic plant, and car wash can help trigger some valuable ideas why a blog may help. Is that enough?

Even when you know you need a blog, who it would be created for, and how it will serve them, you have to be committed to a long term project that can be very tough to measure in terms of ROI.

Blogs take time. New relevant content must be consistent.

So when should a business NOT start a blog?

Simple. When they cannot commit. It’s as simple as a long term commitment. A blog that hasn’t been updated in months can do more harm than not having a blog at all.

That’s the way I see it anyway. How about you? Do you agree? Can you think of an industry that shouldn’t start a blog? Hey, don’t say mortuary, I already thought of a dozen reasons a mortuary should have a blog. lol

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