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When Should I Monetize My Blog To Maximize Blog Earnings?

The question “how should I monetize my blog€ or how do I make money from my blog?”€ is one of the most commonly asked questions about make money blogging. And also one of the topics that have been written on the most in the industry and this post: When And How To Monetize A Blog on Hot Blog Tips is one of such articles; which was written to answer a direct question from Michael.

I read the post and thought it gave a nice general requirement of how to start and grow a blog before monetizing it. The post ended with:

The answer on, How do I make money blogging€ can only be addressed after, €œWhen should I start monetizing my blog?€ is answered.

But actually it’s the other way around.

How do I monetize my blog?

How do I monetize my blog?” is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself before even setting up your blog.

I know if you’re asking the same question you’ve likely already set up your blog with many posts on it which defeats what I am trying to teach here; but I am sure you will still find some tips to put to use right away on your blog. And, even better, you can do things right when you start your next blog.

If you’ve yet to start your blog, this post will help you at least get one thing right when you start your blog.

Online Business Is Business

You see, when you decide you want to start a blog to make money you’re deciding to start a home based business. The fact that it is online doesn’t change it from being a business. Anything you want to start with the intention of generating an income is a business. And to succeed and actually have the venture make you money, you must follow the same process of building a successful business.

If you want to start an offline business when do you decide ‘How‘ you’re going to make money from it? Is it after you start the business or before?

Rob Merlino and Joona Tuunanen put it best in their comments on the article written by David Risley titled: Why The Make Money Blogging Niche Is Broken.

Bloggers who blog about making money blogging” niche has always made me smile just a bit.

The reason is, nobody ever goes beneath the surface. What you need to do first, if you want to make money, is decide how.

– Rob Merlino

But could you imagine a store opening their doors, getting people in and only after that start thinking about what they are going to sell? Unlikely.

– Joona Tuunanen

In fact I couldn’t have put it any better.

Misinformation and Misconceptions

There are so many misconceptions/incomplete information about make money blogging that has greatly prevented many bloggers from making a profit from blogging; and the ones making money it has greatly limited their blogs income potential.

Something like…

‘If you start with the goal of making money blogging then you won’t.€™

But why won’t you? Why do you want to go into a business if your goal is not to make money?

Many misconceptions like this or sometimes incomplete information promoted by the early bloggers and passed down to other bloggers are what is making it difficult for many who start a blog to make money. And the ones who make money can be making much more. And the make money blogging gurus wonder why their products are not having much effect.

You can’t start a business by first testing the waters else you’ve set out to fail already; except if there is no one competing with you.

The resulting effect of these misconceptions and incomplete information is that we now have bloggers who rush to start a blog on basically anything without first carrying out a detailed research on the niche they want to enter to make such it will be profitable for them.

And many bloggers get thousands of visitors each month yet they only make few hundred dollars from their blogs.

Yes, you can start a blog on literally anything; but if you want to make money from blogging then you shouldn’t. There are many interesting topics that don’t have any advertisers, almost meaning products won’t do well too and if products don’t do well, you think consulting will?

Failure to first think of the ‘how‘ do I make money blogging’ before starting has resulted in some bloggers working hard to write and grow their blog traffic only to realize later that there’s hardly any monetization model profitable with their blog’s topic. And when they can’t make money they complain that blogging isn’t the best way to make money online.

Have you ever wondered why it seems the more pro blogging products that are released promising to reveal blogging success secrets the more bloggers are failing with their blogs?

This is so because all these blogging products, even the most expensive ones fail to discuss in detail the basic foundation for successful blogging. They often just brush past the subject.

If your foundation is not strong, no matter how beautiful the building is, it will collapse eventually.

You should know that not all the blogs not making money lack good traffic or an audience.

No matter how well you market and network, if you fail to get the first step to business success right, which is proper planning before-hand (knowing your niche can make you money and determining how you’ll earn) then you’€™ll continue to struggle for success; because what use is your traffic if they’re just there to read for fun? What good is building relationship with related niche bloggers if you can’t convert that somehow to achieving your bottom line?

Take Action

How I see it is, if you want to start a blog to make money then start right and make sure you achieve your goal. If you want to blog for fun by all means do. But don’t sit on the fence and expect to enjoy both worlds while waiting for the big money.

Again I found someone who put this right.

If you think monetizing your site is wonderful, fine.  If you think it’s evil, fine.  But make up your mind before you seriously consider starting down this path.

If you do decide to generate income from your blog, then don’t be shy about it.  If you’re going to put up ads, then really put up ads.  Don’t just stick a puny little ad square in a remote corner somewhere.  If you’re going to request donations, then really request donations.  Don’t put up a barely visible Donate€ link and pray for the best.  If you’re going to sell products, then really sell them.  Create or acquire the best quality products you can, and give your visitors compelling reasons to buy.  If you’re going to do this, then fully commit to it.  Don’t take a half-assed approach.  Either be full-assed or no-assed.

– Steve Pavlina

I couldn’t stop laughing reading that. LOL

I just love posts that are so down to earth like that. It hits hard but that’s how it must be to really help those who want to succeed in this business. Don’t pamper readers in the bid not to scare them. Business is tough; if not everyone will be self employed and rich. So I’m with the group that tells it the way it is and believe that those who want to learn will appreciate me for it, and those who will be scared by it likely doesn’t have what it takes. Thank God there are people who like to hear it the way it is!

The system of make money blogging already creates room for you to have fun. You don’t need to set out to have fun.  To be successful in blogging you must have some interest in your topic which should keep you motivated and make business fun.

Moreover you’re in the business of helping people get solution to a problem. That alone is self fulfilling and fun. I get a thank you message from a reader and I feel fulfilled.

Honestly to be able to write content that add value to lives and make money while doing that is a real blessing.

And planning for your business allows you to do this properly since you’ll be able to better target your audience and make sure the posts you write and resources you provide (which are monetization models for you) are targeted only to their needs therefore ensuring they get all the help that they need and you convert better and maximize your blog income.

I read from a mentor that the minimum acceptable return for your traffic if you’re trying to build a business is a 1:1 ratio. That is if you’re getting 1,000/day visitors you should at least be earning $1,000/month. If you’re not then you’re under monetizing your blog.

I know you might have heard many times that a blog is not a business. While I agree that a blog in itself can’t make a real business, your desire to start a blog to make money makes it a business venture; directly (through blog advertisements) and indirectly (through products and services) your blog is a business.

And to start a business to succeed especially to maximize profit there are several questions you must ask and have clear answers to before deciding whether a niche is viable for you to start a blog on; and one of those important questions is:

Can this niche be monetized in at least 3 profitable ways?

Monetization is something that grows as your blog grows. As a blog grows it often opens doors for monetization models you’d never thought of. So you likely can’t pin down all the monetization models of a blog before you start.

But the point here is that you want to be sure of at least 3 ways you’ll like to monetize the blog and make sure the topic you’ve decided to blog about is profitable with those monetization models.

It’s like in offline business, most times the business starts with just one offer and then expand later; sometimes into areas it never planned going into. But it definitely had a plan what to offer as it opened for business. And the success of the first business often leads to other business areas.

Forget About Internet Business. It’€™s Just Business.

– David Risley

Having a clear plan how you want to make money from a blog doesn’t prevent you from making money. On the contrary, it helps you structure the way you deliver your blog content to ensure you achieve your financial goal for the blog; and prevent you from regrets such as the one below.

I am so sick of it all I could puke.  I have worked my fanny off, provided tons of good, free content, and at most, I made enough $ to barely survive and pay rent.  And I did better than most people out there, but my banker would still tell me I have failed!  The banker is right.  I often feel like I have ruined my life because I got into internet marketing and believed it could really work.

– Lorraine Grul

If your goal is to make a full time income from your blog then make sure your blog topic is profitable with some high income monetization models.

When you’re brainstorming for a blog topic, also be thinking alongside it possible monetization models. I plan to start working on my second authority site by December. It’s still some months away but I already know of at least 3 high income monetization models that will do well for the topic even without much research yet.

So to make money blogging and to maximize your blog income, you need to start thinking of monetization as you’re brainstorming for which topic to blog about. Then when your blog is ready for monetization, all you do is just implement them. Not wait till your blog is getting good traffic before you start to wonder about How Should I Monetize My Blog?

Let’s talk more in the comment section.


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