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How To Find Your YouTube Audience Retention Stats

image - Detroit Empowerment Zone ProgramThis is going to be super short and simple as I discussed retention (Drop View Times) on Audience Retention -€“ Are Your Videos Being Watched?

Log into your YouTube channel,


Now click ANALYTICS in the top bar,

In the left column, click AUDIENCE RETENTION.

Now you will be able to see the retention times for each individual video.

image - Audiance retention

Now just click in the box that says CONTENT to pick which video you would like stats on.

If you get a message that says “There were not enough views for the selected date range and content. If possible, please broaden your date range or select different content,” then hopefully that is a brand new video and that is why you don’t have enough views yet. Otherwise, you REALLY need to check your META, Privacy settings and your promotional techniques.

Now if you happen to see a graph that is showing a 100% or more as in the image below, don’t get too excited because this happens time to time. You can try changing your Date Range to see if you get a realistic graph, but it is most likely just the glitch that sometimes happens.

image - 120 retention

It is that easy to see if YouTube viewers are staying on your videos or using that itchy mouse finger to skedaddle off to something better.

Once you figure out where/when you are losing them, you can work on ways to keep them.

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