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Many of us have a really hard time finding music for our YouTube Videos that will not end up getting us into copyright He11.

Thankfully, YouTube has started an audio library with music we can freely use on any YouTube video and even on our Youtube monetized videos. They offer a variety of genres including, but not limited to, Punk, Jazz, County, Rock and even Holiday music!

You can find the free to use downloadable YouTube music by logging in, going into your channels backend, selecting Creation Tools from the Left Side bar and then choosing a genre.

You can easily download the track you want and place it in your video editor. The downloadable tracks have less selection, but you have more control over how the music sounds.

If you don’t use an editor, you can upload your video, then choose, EDIT on the video from the Video Manager, up on the top you will see AUDIO, click to have music selections. There are a LOT more song/track selections using this method, but how you use the music is limited.

The one problem I see with using the YouTube method is that you do not have control as to if you want voice and music. I can only get the music to replace the original audio and not be a background in addition to the original voice track. Once you pick a track, it does have a slider to favor the original audio (which would put the music as a background, but it has never worked for me).

So, this could be a great way to add safe music to that company Christmas party, a slide show of your family gathering, or maybe the holiday parade you took video of. Most times when you take video in public you have someone talking about something you don’t really want or even music that sounds like junk though your limited cam mic, so this could save that footage!

In the video we show you where to go to find the downloadable tracks and how to add music using the YouTube editor!

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YouTube’s Free To Use Music For Videos

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YouTube’s Free to Use Music for Videos

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Sheryl Loch
Brian D. Hawkins

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  1. wow that’s a great tips to download any music in youtube. now i can easily download and search any music. Thanks a lot

  2. I’ve always worried about using YouTube music in my videos because I upload to many different video sites. That would make my license with the youtube music null and void. I always use Kevin Macleods amazing royalty free music in my productions and all he asks for in return is mention. Great guy! – Scott Craighead

  3. This is pretty cool. Their music selection is so wide. It’s going to be great to not have to worry about copyright.

  4. Hello Sheryl Loch,

    Yes you are right most of the times music is really important and their are lot of copyright issues. These youtube audio selection is wonderful idea to select lot of free music for our videos.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey

    That’s a great news that we can easily use free music for our youtube videos. Although I was using free music from a long time.


  6. Audio library by you tube is great feature provided for all audio music listeners and its easy facilitates the process of searching and downloading the desired music

  7. Free Music are hard to find, thanks to youtube that they have provided the service .

  8. Thanks Scott, and thankyou for recording your the comment you made live on YouTube. 🙂 If you have the link handy for Kevin Macleods’ page, feel free to add it so others can check him out. (You may go into moderation with a link but I’ll approve it).

  9. That’s really good news for who are earning living income from YouTube and want to leverage their YouTube views. Yes, as you mentioned, the edition tools should be developed little bit further,since YouTube also earn 49% of earnings of YouTube partner program. However this is very good for who are violating their terms by using copyright materials.

  10. I am not exactly sure when they intruduced this, but I think it was about 2 years ago. Music and sound collection is really impressive and growing.

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