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YouTube Has Outshined Every Other Social Network In 2013

image - YouTube ShinesSo far 2013 has been the year that YouTube has stepped up to the plate. It is no longer just a place where people post videos of kittens being cute or your crazy Aunt Helen dancing on a table. Nope, YouTube has become a staple tool for every type of marketer. It’s a place where you will find big brands posting new product demonstrations all the way to the small blogger showing you how to use a tool.

YouTube One Channel

Earlier in the year YouTube pushed out the One Channel design that is device friendly. It also makes channels more organized and more appealing for branding. Yes, they have helped us get our videos seen on just about any device people have; Mobile phones, tablets, desktop and TV!

Hangouts On Air Perfected

Next up on our list – Hangouts On Air have improved GREATLY! Bugs in the system have been smashed and features have been added. Every Tom, Dick and Mary should have HoA’s in their marketing arsenal!

Merging YouTube and Google Plus

YouTube and Google Plus also joined up to give channels a boost when they allowed combining your YouTube Channel with your G+ Page. Oh, don’t have a brand page? That’s Ok; they have made it easy to add your channel to your G+ Profile also. They want your message to get out and your channel to be easily found by your fans!

Man, what a bunch of great improvements! We should celebrate here! But wait, there’s more!

That’s right, Hold your hats boys and girls we have more YouTube improvements to cover!

In fact, there have been so many changes in the last month that we did Hangouts on Air to list them all. This was much easier, especially since I talk much faster than I type.

Here is the video that has the list of YouTube changes. Ok, I may have even missed a few improvements they made; it has been a VERY busy month!

YouTube Changes – July 2013

Here is a sneak peek of what’s mentioned in the video…

  • YouTube has stepped up to help creators in several ways; communities, classes, interviews and Q&A’s. You know how it goes; Ignorance is bliss until one day you realize everyone else has left you in their dust!
  • New types of Subscribe buttons! We got Red ones, green ones and even ones for your site!
  • Sharing from a YouTube watch page just got easier!
  • Creators can now have more than 1 account!
  • YouTube Analytics just busted out more info, so you can understand your videos and viewers better!
  • More free to use music tracks are coming just for YOU! Ok, they are opening up this library to everyone, but I wanted you to feel special!
  • We also mention a benefit that is supposed to be coming! FYI – I haven’t seen it live in action YET, but I did see a snap shot.
  • Now so far all of the things listed are FREE and available to anyone with a YouTube Channel and the only other requirement for a few is you also need a G+ page/profile. So, if you are making your 1st video or already have bazillions, you can take advantage of these improvements!
  • Here are a few changes that do have requirements!
  • YouTube LIVE just opened up for SOOOOOOOOOOOO many channels! Oh my! This has been a hot one! They even improved the Live Control Room and getting notifications out about your live show!
  • Channels that have 5,000+ subscribers will have an easier time connecting with their “Top Fans”!
  • And last, but not least for this list…Paid Channel Changes! Ummmm, don’t expect to see Hot Blog Tips in that area. We like to give you info for free (and we also do not have 10,000+ subscribers, LOL).

Your Thoughts?

So there you have all the changes I could think of off the top of my flat head! Should all of these improvements stop some of the complaining that creators have? What is your favorite thing that YouTube has changed?

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  1. Hi Sheryl.

    I’m pleased as punch with all of these YouTube updates too! I can see my subscriber counts going up and I’m getting more views now as soon as I upload a video.

    I think they added another feature (quietly) that I found out about this morning from our friend Tim Schmoyer. Now we can put Google Analytics on our YouTube channel. Wow!!
    That one is so new, I haven’t even set it up yet!

    btw – I caught that one “every Tom, Dick and Mary”. Way to sneak in a shout out for the ladies!

    Thanks for the recap and have a great weekend.

  2. I love your channel Ileane. Did you catch the new HelpOuts coming our way? It looks very promising. Now, when are you going to join us in a hangout?

  3. YouTube has been making tremendous improvements lately, and now there is a rumor that Google is in talks to broadcast NFL games live through YouTube. It’s a powerhouse service, and it has incredible utility for personal and public/business use. It’s exciting to see such quality improvements being made, making our inevitable transitions online much smoother and easier.

  4. It’s strange to watch Paul but we’re seeing a huge power shift with the internet companies towering over what used to be the big boys. We might be paying YouTube for our TV entertainment rather than companies like Comcast.

  5. Yes, Youtube is working hard for us. The changes are sometimes hard to get use too, but then we just get over it and move ahead.

    The Google Analytics in YouTube has been there since last year. Most people never even noticed. I never thought to bring it up, I sometimes figure that if I know about it…then everyone does. LOL!

    As for the “Mary’s”, I think the ladies are kicking butt on Youtube!

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