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YouTube Pause Annotation Workaround

Update – Post Archived
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Do You Miss the YouTube Pause Annotation feature? Here’s A Workaround…
People started noticing the Pause Annotation was missing in their YouTube video managers almost two months ago. There were a lot of unhappy campers posting in many of the major forums about it and, as it turns out, thee’s still a way to add a pause to your videos.

Back in February, Keane Ng from the YouTube Forum posted in Google Groups:

The pause annotation feature has been removed. We discovered it was implemented by some creators that were negatively impacting user’s experiences on the site. Old pause annotations will continue to work, but you will be unable to make new ones.

It’s sad that a few bad apples caused the feature to be removed and I hope the same thing doesn’t happen with this workaround so PLEASE don’t abuse it. The pause IS NOT meant to ‘hide’ the related videos display after the video is finished. That will only get you into trouble and ruin it for everyone else.

What Was Pause Annotation?

First, what is/was YouTube’s video Pause Annotation anyway? This video will explain it more in detail:
Where is the Pause Annotation?

The Workaround

This workaround is pretty simple and it will allow you to add a pause to your videos even though they have removed pause annotations.

Note: You must join the “Video Questions Editor Beta” in order for this to work and we don’t know how long it will continue on YouTube. YouTube included the following disclaimer;

The feature represents work in progress, there is no plan for long-term support of the feature and may be removed at any time without prior notification.

The following how-to video will walk you through the steps…
Pause Annotation Workaround

Was This Helpful?

Were you using the pause feature on your videos? Did you feel they were a helpful video tool? We’d love to see your comments below.

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  1. Tell the truth I never used this tool so the issue doesn’t make sense to me. Well, but it can be only me the lazy one who doesn’t use it , the rest of the folk may have another opinion and experience. Would like to hear some, too)

  2. Thanx for workaround. Can’t say that I’ve been using this feature very often, but nevertheless it’s always useful to know.

  3. Thanks Evan, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. 🙂

  4. Maybe you can put it to use one day Tysone, thanks. 🙂

  5. Thanks Brian for the workaround. Everyday i learn something new 🙂

  6. That answer as to why it was removed is rather vague and unsatisfying isn’t it? It’s like saying ‘videos can’t have sound now because some of them were too loud and they were scaring peoples’ cats’. It’s good to see someone found a way around it, although it sounds like something that’s unlikely to work for long.

  7. Useful workaround. These Youtube annotations can be huge for generating traffic and keeping viewers on your content longer. Losing that ability is a big blow.

    It’s interesting to see how YouTube is managing their resources lately, and what they are allowing users to do or not do. They seem to add and remove functionality a good deal (now requiring real names for accounts, things like that). It can be hard to keep up with them.

  8. I’ve never used the pause before, didn’t even know it existed so I’m not fussed they removed it. Nice of you guys to supply a workaround for those who did need it though.

    As for those ass wipes that spoil it for the majority of users, maybe you could work a system where we can give them an electric shock every time they do something stupid.

  9. Evan, the pause annotation sure wasn’t the most used feature, but for those who did use it, it was a big loss.

  10. Tysone, we seldom miss something until it is gone. LOL

    If the jerks don’t abuse this work around then maybe we will still have it when we do need it.

  11. Paul, it has only been the Pause Annotation they took. The others are there and in fact, everyone will get the associated website annotation soon.

    I just hope the changes they make are good for everyone. And the more changes they make, the more I have to do. I would hate to get to bored. ;-}

  12. Sire, I really wish we could get a hog shocker attached so we could Zap them right out of their chairs.

    Only takes a few thousand bad apples to spoil the bunch.

  13. this is crazy and this is a great blog and i found many interesting article in this blog

  14. Hi Sheryl,

    It’s sad to see that remove and YouTubers have to edit the quality of video themselves. But on the other hands, you’ll be more experienced on making video on share with the community.

    Thanks – Ferb

  15. I saw this annotation option in youtube and didn’t know it sis cool to use.

  16. Thanks for sharing this..I’ve been wondering where Pause annotation disappeared for the past couple of days.

  17. Hi Kevin, they always seem to give the strangest answers as to why they do some things. It is like something you would tell a 3y/o as to why they couldn’t have something.

    I am sure this work around will not last. I have learned that things I use and can easily be abused…I just don’t talk about and hope others don’t find out. LOL

  18. Hi Ferb, I know some people are upset when they remove things, but they have so many changes that we just have to get over it.

    Not sure how long this other way of getting a Pause will work, guess we will find another way if they take it also.

  19. Hi Joe, Youtube changes things all the time. I’m sure in another month, it will be something else.

  20. Although our YouTube channel only has 8 subscribers, we create a lot of instructional videos for our customers and in order to do so we need to utilize the pause annotation on a regular basis. Thankfully, the next time we create another video, will be able to utilize the workaround mentioned above to make it easier for our viewers to follow. Thanks for posting.

  21. I didn’t find much use to this tool, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been beneficial to me sometime in the future. Thanks for sharing this workaround with us, Sheryl.

  22. After reading this post I got to know about the annotation feature. You Tube was like my home page and I don’t know how I did not manage to know about this particular feature. Anyways thanks for sharing this information.

  23. That many? I always thought it only took one 😉

  24. “How someone could have abused the pause annotations feature really strikes my innocent mind. However,not being willing to live without it, I will give your workaround a shot until they change their naïve mind. Thank you very much for the explanations, too.

  25. Glad it is useful to you. We can hope that it stays around a while.

  26. Hi Luis, it wasn’t something I used much either. But, we always seem to find a use for things once we don’t have them. LOL!

  27. Hi Lancia, we hope it helps.

  28. Awe, the web is so big, we can usually keep at least a few of those bad apples hidden. 😉

  29. Personally haven’t used this function. Usually embed every annotation in the video during video creation, as I find it much easier this way, preventing double job after.

  30. You are welcome Simona.
    Seems some people will abuse anything if given the chance. And it does sound like a silly excuse for Youtube to pull it. Maybe they should have just sent a warning letter to abusers and not let them ruin it for all of us.

  31. Good thinking ahead Carl!
    I don’t always know what I am linking to ahead of time…I’m a bit slow some days. 😉

  32. Not a Youtube content creator but as a consumer am glad Google decided to remove these annotations. Its not like users don’t know how to pause if they want to read something on the screen.
    Whenever I saw it, it really pissed me off that someone would automatically pause the video am viewing.

    May be there are some valid use cases for content creators that I don’t understand and I hope this workaround will work for them. But am pretty sure Google will disable this workaround as well because abusers are going to abuse this as well. So, better not rely on this and make your videos without using pause annotations at all.

  33. Hi Mahesh, some people did go way overboard with the pause and that is why none of us have it now. And yes, there were good uses for it. I am sure people will abuse anything they get the chance to and usually for no good reason.

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