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One ChannelFor all of you Youtubers who have put off setting up your One Channel layout get ready to do it anyway. YouTube has announced that ALL YouTube channels will get the “new” layout on June 5, 2013.

You may as well embrace the new layout and get your channel art and trailer made now. It will save you the rush of doing it once your channel gets changes by YouTube. It really isn’t that hard or that terrible.

The one channel layout looks so much cleaner that viewers can actually find what videos they want to watch rather than being distracted by a background or mess of random videos.

If you don’t know much about the One Channel Layout, we did a post back on March 13, 2013 soon after we changed over. The New One Channel YouTube Layout Is Here

One of the big keys to having a great looking page with the new layout is PLAYLIST! No matter how many times I say to sort videos into playlist, people just don’t take the time to do it. With this design playlist are going to be your best friend.

Checkout the post and video linked above and get ready for the change. Just do it!

Tips for Making YouTube Channel Trailers

Can’t wait? Then just go get the new One Channel now!

If you want to see the One Channel layout – Checkout Hot Blog Tips on Youtube!


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  1. Not a bad idea from the YouTube team, I think Google is trying everything to edge out other competitors like Yahoo in service delivery, a good optimization of the new look layout could drive more traffic to our blogs

  2. This is definitely a good initiative by Youtube but it seems like Google is tying up more and more service to Youtube and consolidating the technology under one umbrella. On the surface it may seems that Google is doing a great job by making seamless transition from one video platform to another application based platform but where do all these stop? Will Google grow its influence too huge and become a monopoly eventually?

  3. On the surface it may seems that Google is doing a great job by making seamless transition from one video platform to another application based platform but where do all these stop?

  4. I think this is a very good news…… Google is always proactive in finding new ideas and designs…. Hope this will be also attractive and user friendly……

  5. Seems as every social network is changing. YT, Vimeo, Google Plus, FB, what’s next? Twitter?

  6. Yes, I am trying to get used to the new layout since they set their eyes on letting me have the new layout.

    It seems like it is catching on the social media trend of having a large header image at the top of the profile.

  7. That’s a nice idea to try, though only the results will tell whether the users like it or not.

  8. The new layout tandardises the channel’s design across all devices with social links made available on any device with a browser, with YouTube claiming that “your new channel will look good everywhere – laptops, phones, tablets [and] TVs.” This is particularly important as YouTube increasingly comes into competition with TV, thanks to apps on smart TVs and mobile devices.

  9. Great idea and hopefully it transitions without hiccups. The playlists, yes, you have said it over and over and now it looks like those who didn’t heed your warning should do so, including myself lol Thanks for the info!

  10. Google is rolling out so many features – Google plus, Adwords and now with Youtube. Its going to be definitely exciting. Thanks for the headsup Sheryl.

  11. It’s true Jane, there’s some kind of major rollout with one of the large social or search sites every week. It’s tough to keep up.

  12. Hi Peter, I think the fact that your channel will now look nicer on all types of devices will help with more traffic.

    I find the Once Channel o much cleaner and organized, easier to find what you want.

  13. Hi Ron, I bet the complete change over will be easy, except for the Youtubers that will scream when they feel they have been wronged by the change.

    Now, go sort your videos into playlist. ;-}

  14. Hi Winsten, with the Google changes on G+ this past week, even more of their services are being combined.

    I think they have reached the level of “super power” that any other business will have a really hard time to keep up with.

  15. Hi Debopam, I got the new One Channel layout the day they offered it and love it. I find it much more user friendly and less cluttered.

  16. Hi Leon, when Twitter changed Tweetdeck air, I haven’t tweeted since. They took away the tool I used and so, I just moved on to another platform. That’s what happens when changes are made, people either love it or hate it and some of us choose to just leave. ;-}

  17. Hi Samuel, I don’t get the giant header thing. I find it obnoxious on my PC, but it does look nice on my TV.

    I find the One Channel layout to be easy to work with. I think if people give it a chance, they will like it.

  18. Hi Harshit, I gave all of our Youtube channels the new layout a good while back and have no problems. The biggest complaint I hear is, people mad that they loose their background image.

  19. Hi Martin, usability acrossed devices is very important now. Site that don’t want to change and be presentable on different devices will loose a lot of traffic.

  20. The new layout is much more organized and visually pleasing..Playlists can really churn the best out of this new layout unleashed by Google…I think this is just the beginning of a series of updates which Youtube will put forward during latter part of this year.

  21. Hi Joe, I think we will see more changes with Youtube and Google Plus before the year is out.

    I love the One Channel Layouts and hope any other changes they make are just as good.

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