Connecting Twitter to YouTube

Why You Should Connect YouTube & Twitter

With the frustrations we often have when it comes to social sharing automation, at first glance it may not seem like the best idea to connect your YouTube account with your Twitter account. In this post (and video), Sheryl will explain why it just may be in your best interest to link the two accounts after all.

Social Share Automation

So we know how share automation works; we post to Instagram and it shows up in our Facebook feed, Twitter, Tumblr, and whatever else we have it connected with.

Or we had a plugin that sent an update to every network we use whenever we’d publish a post.

Sure, it’s a fun novelty for a while, until we learn most of this type of sharing isn’t very helpful and can even do more harm than good, in certain situations.


There’s a little more to it in this case. By connecting your Twitter account to your YouTube channel, you’ll receive an @notice whenever someone else “likes” one of your videos – if they have their YouTube and Twitter accounts connected and have their settings set to share on Twitter automatically.

Sheryl Loch gives a couple of examples in the video below (as well as how to setup the connection), but I’ll embed a couple of tweets here just for the fun of it.

Connected Example

Notice that Lisa Irby was notified via @2createawebsite on Twitter that I liked and Tweeted her video because Lisa has her Twitter account linked to her YouTube channel. Hey, watch her video, I really did LIKE it.

Not Connected Example

In this Tweet, The North Face doesn’t have the two social accounts linked so there is no @ notification within the tweet (other than @YouTube). I’m not sure why they don’t have the two accounts linked but they do have 257K followers on Twitter so maybe notifications for that many tweets would just be too much to handle.

An opportunity to connect

Businesses spend a lot of money for social listening tools and this little YouTube setting can help connect you to those that already like your video content. Pretty cool, right?

Important Note

You DO NOT have to setup your YouTube channel to “share your public activity to connected accounts” in order to receive the Twitter notifications.

You ONLY need to connect the two accounts like Sheryl shows in the video. (I only checked the sharing box to post the embedded tweet examples and now those share settings are off again.)

It’s really just a matter of your own preference when it comes to you using the automated sharing features. We just want you to be aware when others are sharing your videos.

Possible privacy settings conflict

screenshot YouTube Settings ConflictI did want to mention that I encountered a small conflict while turning on the “share my likes” feature.

In order to check the “Like a video or save a playlist” box, I had to go into my “Privacy” settings (directly below Connected accounts) and uncheck the “Keep all my liked videos and saved playlists private” box.

The privacy setting overrides any Connected Account settings. Again, you do not need to turn on sharing to connect/link your Twitter account to YouTube.

screenshot YouTube Privacy

screenshot Connected Accts

The How To Video

Sheryl put together a very nice video that shows us exactly how to link our YouTube and Twitter accounts. It gives us the “why” I just outlined as well as the “how” .

Oh Yeah

I almost forgot a call to action. How about this, Connect your accounts and Like the video on YouTube and see if I get notified? Cool. Thanks and blog on. 🙂

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  1. Hi Brian

    I did watch several videos of Lisa at YouTube and much impressed to see the views at each of her videos. She has connected it with Twitter and this gave her a multiple advantage of reaping the benefits with both hands.

    You well mentioned the benefits of getting connected both the accounts and how one can optimize the connect like disabling the privacy setting of shared videos.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post.

  2. Thank you Muba, Lisa Irby is amazing and we can’t go wrong watching her videos and our readers benefit from our sharing.Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. 🙂

  3. Hi Brian,
    I first time visit to your blog and find a lot of valuable content on your blog. Thanks for sharing this post. Social media plays a very vital role to lead your traffic as well twitter and Youtube are the major sources to get traffic and engage your readers.
    Thanks again.
    With Regards,

  4. Thanks Sarah. Just a little advice, I would have normally spammed your comment but it looks like this may be your first on Disqus. Leave the signature inks for forums and your email, they just make you look like a comment spammer of blogs.

  5. It’s true Naveen, almost any of the platforms can benefit our blog if we give it enough attention. Over the years I’ve been amazed at how some bloggers were able to build an amazing community by becoming a rock star with just one platform. In fact, a few have been on platforms most of us haven’t even heard of. One example is ApSense. I know a guy that actually makes a small living just from that single platform and very little else. The secret is he focuses all of his energy on his connections and being there for them, not numbers and traffic stats.

  6. says


    Great and informative post. Found worth reading it 🙂
    I’m using twitter. It is far better that facebook in terms of professionalism. Even we can connect twitter with pinterest for tweeting automatically the pins.

    Due to lack of time, I wouldn’t been able to use youtube and wouldn’t be able to make videos. But I’m dam sure it is very useful. Even more than twitter. Because these days people love watching videos rather then reading.

    Ultimately if one can use these two socail media’s for marketing. He/she can easily get good amount of traffic.

    Thanks 🙂

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